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” he said, having just gotten out of a class in rhetoric. When Ben told me that his group was putting on a summer camp, and that I could spend the summer there as an “assistant youth counsellor” and therefore take courses for free, I was overjoyed.I attacked the opportunity with the credible certainty that teenagers are famous for (the same kind that makes billions of dollars for those selling diet fads and aspirational magazines). I was going to fix myself over the summer and enter my senior year as a new, complete, person.To me, they had “real” problems; these kids were heroically fighting battles against enemies with names, and I listened intently to their stories and rooted for them.In the rare moment that I was honest with myself, however, I acknowledged that I was deeply envious of those kids, and simultaneously ashamed of that envy.

Ben credited this group with his ongoing recovery from a mysterious undiagnosed chronic pain and illness, and he encouraged me to embrace it as a cure for whatever it was that caused me to spend so many of my days unable to get out of bed.Most of our meals contained edible flower petals from the organic garden next to the lodge; I remember a lot of calendula.After breakfast we would all slowly make our way over to the gathering yurt.Teachers will present the lesson of the day from the Workbook of a Course in Miracles.This divine message brings you to the awareness, through this extraordinary mind training, that you are whole and perfect as God created.

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Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum.

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