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Now nobody could gawk at that unsightly abomination.

And ever since, less people were able to recognize her.

Of course it's still too early to manifest anything in the ways of romance.

I didn't have a whole lot of motivation during the whole back to college stuff going on at work. So far, people mainly want the pairing to be Ivy x Fleur or Ivy x Nymphadora.

She still found it odd that witches and wizards primarily used owls to deliver the post.When pressed into unknown situations, sometimes you're forced to grow and mature faster than what nature intends. That included pranking each other and getting revenge. Several years had passed since the Malfoy's had inducted Ivy into their fold, as their own daughter. Anyways, buckle up kiddos, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! It's leave a terrible stipulation on my role as an author and as a woman.

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While Narcissa scrawled a letter post haste, speaking as her hand looped and arced on the parchment, "Both of you ought to hurry off to bed.