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Antique dating pocket swiss watch

You're probably not going to run into very many of this case type, unless you have a very old watch that's been handed down to you.

In the early to mid-18th century, it was common for watches to be housed in "pair cases".

We've tried to provide answers to some of the more common questions about the proper care and handling of a vintage watch, in order to help you learn more about this fascinating area of American history. The watch case is the outer protective cover, including the crystal that covers the dial.

There are two distinct major "components" to most pocket watches: The watch case and the watch movement. The case also includes (or accommodates) the winding stem and crown.

There were even some triple-cased watches made during the same period!

Early pair-cased verge fusee watches were often ornately decorated with pierced and chased gold-work as seen in the photos below.

While we can't make you into an antique watch expert with just a few web pages, we hope we can share a little of our knowledge in order to help you learn more about your vintage or antique watch.

Value will not be given over the phone, so don't ask.

Some of the pages will be able to provide additional information.

Jones movements have been designated as Calibres 1 through 17.

The so-called Jones movements were all three-quarter plate designs, with a characteristic feature being the elongated index pointer, which sometimes is called the “Jones arrow”.

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A minor variation on the hunter case is the demi-hunter style, which has a small "window" in the front cover through which the hands (or part of the hands) may be viewed.

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