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There’s not a mention of the historic child abuse case DI Helen Weeks reported at the end of the last episode, nor of that kidnapping murderer she cathartically stabbed in the heart.

Weeks’ pregnancy aside, episode three could have aired a year apart from the previous instalment.

The closest you can get to a conversation with Jacob Wetterling about his abduction is to talk to Jared Scheierl, who was forced into a car and assaulted by Danny Heinrich in January 1989. The Wetterling abduction story kept getting bigger as the case served as a conduit for public fear and grief.• The truth about lie detector tests • DNA in the abductions • It's a match. Is it possible to be enamored of a TV show concept but uninspired by its execution?Joseph farm top to bottom the night Jacob Wetterling was abducted.That way, they would have known there was nothing to find.

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But the lack of visual input means things turn nonphysically intimate quickly -- after just one or two visits, both men and women are trading sentimental keepsakes. But sadly, without the catfights, the gaming of the process or copious alcohol, what "Dark" proves is that real life is kinda dull.