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Cam after school

Lily Neace said the girl who attacked her claimed she had thrown a water bottle at her face a few days earlier.Lily Neace said she and a friend were playing a game at a table at the time, rolling a nearly-empty water bottle back and forth.She thoroughly enjoys working with schools, staff, and parents but her most favorite part is still the joy she gets from seeing the kids experiencing their Aha moment!Her favorite part is watching them solve problems together and individually as their level of intelligence and creativity never ceases to amaze her. Cambourne Village College, an academy of The Cam Academy Trust, opened in September 2013 for a first cohort of just 132, Year 7 pupils.

Rapid expansion of pupil numbers led to a further £10 million building project, completed in autumn 2017, and the College now boasts some of the finest facilities of any secondary school in Cambridgeshire.

"It just happened so fast."Erin Neace posted a video of the incident to Facebook after school officials gave her a copy of the surveillance footage.

The family says more students were recording and sharing the episode on Snapchat than helping Lily Neace."They were all recording it,” said the teen.

West Clermont school officials suspended the accused attacker for 60 days, according to the Neace family.“Lily has been told by several people that the girl who did this said she will do it again when she gets back,” Erin Neace wrote on Facebook.

Erin Neace said her daughter didn't know who the attacker was.

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“I think they were more worried about getting it on social media than actually helping."The school nurse checked Lily Neace out before she went to the hospital.