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Dating palm

Specifically, date palms take 5–8 years after planting to flower, the earliest point at which male and female trees can be distinguished.

Especially because date palm orchards, which primarily comprise fruit-bearing female trees, can be rapidly ravished by disease, the ability to quickly replant orchards from seeds or seedlings known to be female would be of great benefit.

There are no easily distinguishable sex chromosomes in date palm, despite some cytological evidence that they exist.

As biochemical studies have yielded little insight into how to identify the genders of immature plants, the identification of DNA sequences or sequence polymorphisms that are gender specific offers a promising alternative to efficiently determine date palm gender.

There are 2,000 date varieties with differences in color, flavor, shape, size and ripening time and the genetic component of gender determination is not well understood.

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The discovery of dates in the tombs of pharaohs and in neolithic sites dating from 7,000 to 8,000 years ago demonstrates the historical significance of the species to human nutrition.

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