Dating your best friend39s crush the 8 phases of dating

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Dating your best friend39s crush

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Date Created: 10/06/15 Nirath Seri IE 5339 September 15 2015 INSTRUCTOR I made a couple of revisions to this I swear this will be the last time we talk about the exam Maybe this year will be different but you know after 20 years that won39t happen but I shouldn39t say that Why is this going to maybe difficult for you and why are you underestimating what39s going on First of all there39s no partial credit The computer39s going to say right or wrong You get points you don39t get points number two there are so many lists and some of them lap number three many questions work off the chapter title key words I don39t type the entire title of the chapter The question may start out with execution dash something or execution and then I39ll give you four or five things that were ultimately included in the chapter so if all of a sudden I see you read execution and you go blank you39re done There are many negatives I don39t know if issue is the correct term but tenses or whatever you want to say For instance lies of lawyers lies of engineers so you almost have to put your brain in a negative mode and then say on a negative basis quot Is that truequot That39s not trivial number three or four No that was four Number five the material is easy to understand I don39t think we have covered anything you can39t understand so it39s easy to blow it off I know that I mean I got history I can show you great spreads that you wouldn39t believe like last semester in a different course I mean I had people that made raw 95s and I had people that made raw 25s okay And you know you sit in the back rows and you39re doing Facebook texting Some of you can do it you know I think one of the misnomers is that you39re all smart cause you39re here See I don t believe that I think some of you are book smart and I think some of you are life smart Some of you may be both you know I mean I was a goofoff as an undergraduate Man I was just like quot Geeez What time does happy hour startquot But then I got to graduate school and l was working at GM and I said quot Hey man I got to start getting seriousquot so all I39m saying is some of you in the back you in the back row do great but you39re naturals but I can guarantee you that if I look at the lowest scores most of them will be in the back rows Thirtythree years of doing this trust me you know experience counts The test includes the book You39re supposed to read the book Power points We have been going out of the book but I didn39t say the power points were not counting The videos Yes there are questions on the videos Lectures And then I said my stories I39ve pretty much cut out my stories because of the other class It39s a lot of material okay It39s a lot of material Finally arguably the two biggest deals Wrong answers can sound right okay So if I39m talking about lies of engineers you know question number 6 lies of engineers and I39m going to list a few things and this one may be right and this one may be right but I made this one up and it sounds reasonable Reasonable ain39t right necessarily okay And then finally the test is on his ideas and issues and my lectures not on your personal belief I just picked one The author doesn39t believe and I don39t really believe glass ceilings is a big deal anymore I mean having my wife being executive you know Executive Vice President for the Southwest Region with Chase The woman that was running you know Packard you know that glass level is pretty oh the head of Mexico is a female and also four other minorities so the idea me and him believe is that glass ceilings are not a big deal anymore okay You may believe that it39s a big deal okay That doesn t matter on the test Your personal beliefs do not matter on the test okay So don39t come back after the exam and say quot We know that questionquot You know I just don39t believe that Well you know this is a free country You can believe anything you want to but the answer is still wrong okay We39re not going to bring up how hard the test is I swear to God I swear this is the last time ljust want you to not blow it off Nothing would make me happier than everybody does it okay Nothing would make me happier just worry about some of you okay And many of you are first semester and if you39re first semester you know I have tried to argue with management Of course me and management never see eye to eye so that39s the deal l have said this is not a good course for the first semester people because you have no idea what you39re getting into but they don39t listen to me I don39t listen to them anymore Cool Okay let39s see where we39re at What we39re going to basically do is probably get through the entire book and then we39ll go through the power points which we should highlight Speaking as a performing artist where I understand is we left at chapter 48 This is an important chapter and it39s an interesting chapter What do I mean by interesting So many of these chapters you know like the email chapter it39s an important chapter but you understand most of it You know you don t cap every letter right You know you got to have a good subject line I mean if you don39t know those two things I don39t even know why you39re in this class Now let39s talk about something A chapter that39s important cause all of you will give speeches off and on and he39s got some unusual ideas and I39ll be the first to admit most of them I39ve never done or a lot of them I haven39t done and it39s I don39t know you know he s a professional speaker He makes probably 10000 to 30000 this week I don39t think make near that much so the idea for me to criticize anything in this chapter would be ridiculous Ridiculous So number one warm up with a towel Singers often get their chops up in hotel rooms before leaving rehearsals or performances Now sounds kind of an overkill doesn39t it You39re going to give a one hour speech to the IE Oh by the way there39s an IE meeting tomorrow at noon I strongly strongly recommend you graduate students get involved You don39t have to be an officer Maybe it39s free Generally they have pizza vegetarian too and you know you might learn something Oh my God You might learn something I know it39s shocking STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR So anyways warm up with a towel Warm up with a towel When I said University of Arkansas I was a member of an organization and we did back behind the scenes security so I got to see a lot of rock stars like Willie Nelson warm up I never saw him do the towel but you know what I did see him do Exercise And one of the most amazing groups was a group called Kansas Now I know most of you don39t know the group Kansas but they were running up and down the aisles getting their chops up getting ready to rock and roll One of the best ways to get a voice ready is to make a siren sound on loop the lowest pitch the highest Do I do that No Should I ldon39t know but these are recommendations from a professional Flutter your lips No one said this was obvious Blowing a pitch through your lips Loosen up Now that is kind of weird The next ones depending on how you look at it kind of thing Eat light eat protein One of the things that professional speakers do you know like presidents and so on before they give a speech they have a dinner They don39t eat the dinner or if they do they will have a very small portion Why You39ve eaten a lot of food and get sound sleep STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR Allocate three hours to wake up Singers often take a nap in the afternoon before they perform Rock stars do the same Why Naps are good you know Naps get you ready and plus if you39re a rock star hell you may be up till 200 or 300 in the morning Now this is interesting especially for many Skip the tea Look he39s a professional I will assume he knows what he s talking about right Tea is an astringent and will close your voice down Now many of you are international students and many of you drank tea all your life Does it affect you STUDENT No INSTRUCTOR Probably does probably doesn39t I don39t know but I thought that was interesting Like I said this is one of those chapters where if you think reason is going to get you through the questions you39re crazy Leave your jaw out of it okay I don39t even know where to go with that one Circulate with your audience Remember we picked that up two or three or chapters ago Command attention I39m not much on that one Snarl Eh I39m not much on that one Not sure about it Like I said this chapter is off the wall I mean if he has one chapter that39s off the wall it39s this one being off the wall Bite your tongue My luck I39d start bleeding STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR Performance sound check before you speak That39s a good idea I mean that39s one of the more reasonable ideas especially distance to the microphone you know If you39re like quot Hello helloquot you know something like that Use your eyes all the time A key to public speaking is that your eyes should roam I should look at you then look at you and look at you Why A couple of theories on that One is that it39s scary No I think the main thing it makes you feel that I39m looking at you that I39m talking to you Move away from center to make your point Have you noticed I actually do that I don39t stand in one spot I try not to Sometimes I sit down if my back is killing me Move around When we see one of Steve Job39s great speeches we39ll see that he moves around He39s he39s always quot And here is the new Smart Phone the new Smart Phone is thisquot and you know he s always moving Get quiet One of the greatest ways of getting attention is to be quiet I swear it works I know it39s a psychological thing with the audience but when the speaker goes quiet it39s like quot Did I miss something Is he going to say something really profoundquot Even people doing Facebook in the back row are all of a sudden looking up quot Is the class overquot STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR Notice I got two stars I really believe in that If you really want to make a point get quiet I39m telling you it works Works with all audiences Now you can39t spend the whole speech you know every sentence with quotyouquot and quotthen I was going to sayquot quotbut the next point isquot I mean you can39t do that but if you have a couple of key points being quiet works Underlying certain words with a positive back to the being quiet What are the some of the key points quot Obviously any speech I give have key pointsquot No they39re not Pause take a risk and be vulnerable Yeah if you39re a great public speaker that39s a good term Know when it39s time to go I think I brought up the London speech that I gave I think it was last year two years ago whatever that went so bad and l honest to God right in the middle of the speech I remembered this recommendation quot If you suck get it going and get off the stagequot Admit that you got the wrong audience you got the wrong pitch it ain39t working make it fast You know I can mention a few professors here that just can39t stand not keeping you until the last minute but you39ll notice that I when get tired my back hurts or just feel like we39re not going any farther what do we do Quit you know I mean seriously we can sit down right now and go through the rest of the book and I don39t know if anybody is listening too I39d say a third of the class will have their head down and probably one or two of you would be thinking about suicide STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR You got to recognize the audience which tells you what the difference is Let39s just say the air conditioning goes out okay And it39s 90 degrees in here Am I going to give the same lecture Hell no because I want to get out of here you know If you start sucking get out Get out Stop it It39s okay if the audience doesn39t like what you39re saying Just get out Use question and answer as an encore Yeah okay Anyways like I said oh yeah important I can39t believe that have I don39t have a star for that one Rehearse rehearse rehearse rehearse Great speakers rehearse Steve Jobs before he gave his big announcements would force and what I mean quotforcequot I mean mandatory attendance He would take different departments Maybe he would take the i Pad design group make them sit in the audience and he would give the pitch then he would sit I mean that didn39t work this didn39t work They were giving him feedback He would rehearse it a couple more times and then he would bring in the marketing group and he would give the speech again quot Well this one doesn39t workquot I mean rehearse rehearse rehearse even if it39s by yourself If you got a spouse rehearse to your spouse You got a good friend rehearse to your good friend It39s important It39s important The other one don39t overwhelm this we wouldn39t worry about Chapter 49 Be a demo god Why is this important Some of you some of you will be working for small companies that are building a new product You got a demo in and it may be you it may not be but demos are important especially with software Well I shouldn39t say that With hardware too but software especially Somebody is trying to sell you software They build up and then they give you a demo and it doesn39t work or it kind of works or you recognize the answer is wrong Be good at demos not be a demo god Bring two of everything Now this is I39ve only had this happen once but God it was a disaster We were pitching to the Air Force and we brought one computer that had all the software which was unreliable and the demo is over so his idea was to bring two of everything I know that39s a pain in the youknowwhat and luckily with software now bring a couple of thumb drives you know In fact it39s not in this book but I have actually heard this or read this that one of the thoughts is bring two thumb drives and run it on their machine If you think about it that39s a pretty good idea Run it on their machine Get organized God l39d hope so When you do specs you can39t control get to it Cut the jokes and skits you know Here again you know this overlap Remember we talked about presentations and we talked about telling a story but on emails don39t tell jokes and now he39s saying cut the jokes and skit You know there39s no right answer sometimes Do it alone Very very important Obviously on the exam Obviously on the same He has said this in the video I think he said it at least twice if not three times in the book quot If you39re making the presentation and you can39t do the demo what does it make look like Dumbassquot quot Well anybody can do this so here s your cash He39s going to do it Why don t I do itquot It39s mind boggling Do the last thing first cut the jargon don39t take questions until the end Oh I don39t know I can get hot and cold about that In with the explanation point Obviously you got to hit them with something good How to kick butt the in the panel No chapter 15 Now here again if you39re good at English it you think you39re going to be an entrepreneur You read it If you have high ambitions some of you have would have very high ambition Become VP president you know and some of you just wants to get a good job make money and that39s good enough okay It39s up to you It39s not on the test okay Next Oh how to be a great moderator Normally you would think that I would pass on this but I could I could even say how to be a great member of a Committee or he39s talking about a moderator and you know what I mean what I mean by moderator This guy sits here and introduces the speakers and they interact Represent the audience Make everyone else look smart I could say this could be a Committee you know You want to start a Committee off right Make people look dumb Boy you39re going to have them in the palm of your hand right No they39re going to hate you They won39t do anything you want Don39t over prepare the panelists Let them be free fall Never let panelists use power point or key notes Eh soso Make them introduce themselves in 30 seconds I thought that was interesting The nice thing about that is that it cuts through the BS For instance let39s just say I39m on a panel and they say quot Well send me a vita I39m going to introduce youquot I39ll send them my vita which is 31 pages okay l39ve published over 160 articles l39ve funded research over 8000000 I mean who cares you know I mean really Like I said I39m not much on that Art of blogging Here again if you think you may get into blogging read it It39s a good chapter This guy really knows his software stuff okay I mean this guy is a genius in this area but we39re not bloggers I mean I read blogs but that39s it Psychologically sic Psychology of influencing people There is only 28 26 or 24 pages to worry about Oh at the top what39s the most important way of making requests I want to make a request I want everybody to send me a thousand dollars okay And I may make inaudible STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR How to influence people Reciprocation If I do a favor for you will you be doing a favor for me Cause if you do I39ll probably do another favor for you and you39ll probably do another favor for me you know I don39t know Scarcity It39s easier to sell something than people think is in short supply I don39t know if you have seen this yet but the new i Phone is already backordered I39m still not quite sure what the i Phone 6 is about but whatever Authority The customer will believe you if you39re knowledgeable You can39t sell something if you tell the customer it39s your first day of work okay Commitment If your customer publicly commits to an order or request he will likely go through it but liking it ever bought anything you didn39t like It39s either close a sale or inaudible The key thing here is reciprocation People do favors but they do things in order to get a favor back If they don39t they won39t do the first favor That39s just a fact of life you know And that39s why you know sometimes your best friends are family because you know they will be there for you Your best friend will but the others aren39t going to Art of creating a community I39m not much on this so if you want to skip it don39t worry about it Art of customer service There are companies that have great customer service There are companies whose customer service is terrible Interesting article in the Dallas Morning News Sunday talking about ATamp T and how their service is some of the worst rated in the country Many of you I39m sure have had customer service where they say quot If you want this punch twoquot so you punch two and blah blah blah punch four and then the emphasis quot We39re experiencing a high volume of calls at this time Please wait on the line and wait on the line and wait on the line and wait on the line and wait on the linequot Customer service is either a priority at your company or it39s not It39s just plain facts I mean it39s just like selfhelp Is it a priority at the company or not If it39s a priority the company will take it seriously If it39s not a priority they couldn39t care Starts at the top Take responsibility for your short comings Now it doesn t solve the problem but American Airlines really put the tried to put the screws on the deal and you know I just kept talking and talking and she started apologizing and said quot It was our mistakequot blah blah blah and I said quot Well can you talk to somebody who will try to do somethingquot Tried you know but she spoke responsibility I felt better after the phone call I still had a lousy seat on the airplane but at least you know she came across as sincere Don39t point the finger lt39s Apple39s fault No it39s ATamp T39s fault No it39s Verizon39s fault What good does it do especially if it39s not true When we do the exam we may have a few people that have to start this late because we don t have enough l T addresses Well I could point a finger here and I could point a finger there but what does it matter Some of you will start things a little bit later than the other ones Does it make you feel better always blaming somebody else quot Well I was you know I think I would have gotten an A on the project if it weren39t for so and soquot Don39t be paranoid I39m working through a problem at our condo area I don39t know if y39all read the paper Probably not but anyways a woman was murdered in our garage last week I mean truly murdered and you know everybody39s first of all everybody is paranoid We got a number of residents that want to sue everybody We got a number of residents that want to break their lease and leave We got a management that is scared to do anything because if they do change something then that shows that they recognized something was wrong in which case that would be used against them in a lawsuit I mean it39s a mess And somehow I got mixed up in it Don39t be paranoid or try not to be Maybe your product sucks in certain areas Maybe your shipping is crap Well maybe our crap is coming back My God how many times do we see this promise Underpromised and overdelivered That should be your life39s mantra You know surprise people by being early Don39t get a reputation for quot Well you know he or she said it would be done Monday but we know it39s not going to happen Don39t give them a sales pitch If you call customer service you39re not a happy camper You39re not calling to say quot Oh I just want to tell you this is the greatest product I39ve ever triedquot I don39t think so I mean has anyone has ever done that Don39t you know was it Dish or Direct that39s the worst Somebody got nailed on this STUDENT Direct TV INSTRUCTOR Yeah I think it was Direct TV They would confuse you with new offers and pretty soon you realized I mean it took a few months until it bounced back that you just signed up for to 150 worth of channels Use operating procedures not scripts Eh that39s soso We can skip the rest Be kind How many about inaudible Does that ring a bell with anyone STUDENTS No INSTRUCTOR He was a famous philosopher about power and so on Okay Next important chapter The art of losing Igot two see scenarios You want to get on an airplane It looks like they may be packed or you doesn t like your let39s do an easy one You don t like your seat on an airplane You go up to the gate agent and you start yelling at them You say quot This is not what I signed up for I signed up for an aisle seat and I want an aisle seat nowquot Or you go up and you say quot I think there is a mistake here I39m not sure but I thought I signed up for an asile seat and I got a middle seat on the 747quot which as many of you know that is like if it39s not hell it39s about as close as you39re going to get until you get there Which works better STUDENTS Schmoozing INSTRUCTOR No I know some of you have English as a second language You might want to look that word up It39s sucking up That39s slang You know actually I don39t know what the official meaning is but you know being organized young people you would be shocked at how that doesn t work I mean I think we brought this up If you39re upset with someone at UTA of course go down and yell at our secretary You know how well that works What do you think Julie does when you yell at her about something and she tells you she has a stack of things she is getting to and you yell at her Do you think she moves it up It doesn t do any good to yell and people can39t do anything If you want to really yell at somebody go over to the registrar39s office Of course good look there you know but the point is schmoozing is so important networking is so important And in a later chapter we39ll talk about sucking it up What39s the difference between sucking up and schmoozing Yeah not so sure Okay Understand the goal that39s on the test but could have been guy39s sic tips Get out Ask a good question and shut up That is a problem for many you When you ask a question of somebody especially higher up let them answer the damn question you know quot What do you think of the future of outsourcing computer outsourcing to India I39d let the question stop Don39t sit there and start telling them your opinion Why do you even ask them the question then you know And it really is something that I think a number of people have trouble with Just ask a question and then leave or let them answer and then ask and then put in your personal opinion but don39t just ask the question and keep talking I think some people have this misnomer that dead air is bad Dead air can be very popular or very very important For instance you ask a very innovative question For instance in the other class one of my foreign students whose English is you know he s second English and he asked a question when we talked about the lies of engineers and one of them was quot I know I can fix itquot or you know blah blah blah and I kept saying quot You know that it ain39t gonna happen It hardly ever happensquot He said quot Well is it a lie if they believe itquot And it just shook me Damn I hadn39t thought about that Technically are those chapter misnomers Now maybe some of them you can say the person is really lying but we looked up the definition of a lie and generally the definition means you know you39re lying okay For various reasons I mean you39re lying to postpone things you39re lying as deception but you know it and many of those deals underlies of engineers and so on I mean I think the engineer believes it So what am trying to say I don39t know what I39m trying to is Okay We39ll skip that Number five Read voraciously One of the things you need to do is active learning Just because you graduate from college don39t mean that39s all the knowledge you39ll ever need Y39all are going to go work an industry wherever you work and you39re going to have to become an expert in that area For example one of my best friends who graduated from college with me got into the food industry l was in the manufacturing hardcore assembly manufacturing and you know we got together sometime after that I can39t remember And we talked about the fact we never see each other at conferences I39d go to the IE conference and he39d go to Europe to the candy conferences Y39all are going to split up after college and you need to become the best in your area Food and candy is so different than manufacturing an automobile which is so different from mining which is so different from chemical processing which is so different from you know we can go on forever so you need to read Plus the fact it helps you get back up to that earlier one Ask a good question If you39re not well read and I don39t mean reading Heitlinger I mean Hemingway whatever I39m talking about reading industry stuff reading the Wall Street Journal reading Automotive News reading Aviation Week if you go into the military reading things that you can ask and discuss things with people that care in that area Okay Follow up Make it easy in touch We39ll go on Susan39s Tips Now I will tell you it has more questions than the earlier ones Notice that many of them some of them number three number four prepare selfintroduction Okay Somebody famous is in the corner You go up and introduce yourself in one minute or less quot Hi I39m John Priest professor of engineering at UTA We do a lot of research and blah blah blah and we39re really interested in getting sunk You know can you do it quickquot Again number five is read voraciously again and by the way it could be about cricket it could be about football You39re meeting somebody famous or somebody powerful or somebody you want to hopefully make an impression on to get a good job and you know they are a big cricket fan or a big football fan in Europe and they39re in Manchester and you39re a Liverpool fan and you can talk Liverpool and Manchester football quot You think New Zealand is going to beat Indian cricket this yearquot They want to talk about something fun Look if you39re a famous person you still put your pants on one leg at a time and you39re still a person you know And honestly especially inter company so here s the president of the company I39m over here I39m five levels lower go over here and say quot I hear you like cricket and he says quot Yeah yeah I doquot quot What do you think about New Zealandquot quot Looks pretty solid this year They have a good pitcherquot Discuss it if you something about it but you can39t BS them because after one question he39s going to realize you don39t know anything about cricket but if you do there39s a bond there He39s the president he39s at a reception he39s trying to relax right And you go up and say quot You know I want to complain about my boss you know He s been really mean and I think we could do betterquot He doesn39t want to hear that right then That39s for later or some other time You39re trying to build a relationship You39re trying to build a relationship so that if he walks through the office and he sees him with all of y39all but I look at him and he says quot Hey Bill So we beat ya India spanked New Zealand in cricketquot And you don t talk about it he doesn39t see any of the rest of you He doesn39t see the rest of you He sees Bill or Jim or whatever I can39t emphasize Now if you go schmoozing networking sucking up I don39t care It39s still important How are we doing on the time STUDENT It39s three INSTRUCTOR Okay Make small talk Again that39s kind of the same thing Can you make small talk Can you talk cricket What does your boss want to talk about Number nine is very very important Listen listen listen listen listen He s your boss or he39s an important individual or he39s a VIP Listen you know I got to play golf once with Van Halen but y39all probably don t know who Van Halen is I39m sure STUDENT A rocker INSTRUCTOR Yeah a big rocker and we were in Hawaii on some distant island He just happened to join us We played golf and I used that to the perfection that when Van Halen played here I got to go backstage and call all the deals I got extra tickets backstage It was really cool really great to see a professional That39s when they had David Roth Why did I get them Cause I listened He wanted to talk They were on a break in their worldwide concerts and the guys they were under a lot of pressure because David Lee Roth was going to quit or fire him You could tell the pressure was on him so much and he just wanted to talk and I just sat and listened In fact I can remember only four things I talked about His wife39s necklace which had the initials HV and was huge and beautiful They sold out three concerts in Dallas and I said quot Why don t you do fourquot He said quot You can39t give them more than they wantquot and I said quot Why not It39s moneyquot and he loved that I39m trying to think if I asked him anything else He just talked about you know having trouble with alcohol in the group and some other issues I justly listened and since he39s a VIP famous person it was cool And plus it teaches you to learn something if you listen you know I played golf with some exprofessional football players I like nothing more than saying one question and listening to them for 15 minutes talking about playing with the Packers or the year that they beat Dallas and blah blah blah you know It39s just it39s more fun than talking It really is okay We39ll do one more chapter The art of sucking down Oh man I39m telling you this was the ultimate thing in Texas Instruments to suck down to the gate keeper Now many of you probably don39t understand Every high executive has a gatekeeper Generally the gatekeeper is a secretary Sometimes it39s the assistant you know Sometimes it39s both of them If you want to go see our president you want to go see our president do you think you can call our president Are you nuts You will go through Bella Correll spell She39s the gatekeeper Her office is outside his office I mean the gatekeeper I mean the gates closed You have to convince her and she will try You better be good If you can convince her she will tell you okay Tuesday at 800 AM the gate will open for you at Tl They would have two gatekeepers The President Executive VP Now here again do you go up to the gatekeeper and say quot I need to see the presidentquot quot Well what39s it aboutquot quot It39s very personalquot quot Well who are youquot That ain39t going to work You got to suck down you know Also quot John remember me l was president Is there sometime in the future I can see the president I swear it will be five minutes and I want to talk to him about the idea of buying a 3D metal printer and I39ll be on out in five minutes Somewhere between 750000 and 1 000000quot And by the way that call is going to be next week I39m working with some people here You got to be nice you know Now sucking down doesn39t mean you have to beg Maybe semibeg how about that Understand there needs to be an understanding that they are trying to do a good job just like you Understand there is hundreds of people trying to get into our place You got to get through the gatekeeper Be important you know Are we still sucking down Make them smile Here again don39t go in there with a bad attitude Say quot Heyquot with a smile quot Hey is there any chance you know I can get five minutes of the president I swear five minutesquot You know she starts kind of acting like the answer is no quot Well what if I wrote down what I39m looking for and asking for and maybe you could help mequot and you know get that smile going Don39t go into the gatekeeper with a bunch of flowers Why Because that embarrasses him or her It39s an embarrassment I mean think about this You need a favor from Julie so you bring her a dozen roses and she39s looking at them That doesn t work It doesn39t work By the way though I will say this about buying your way in How many have Jamie Rogers this semester STUDENTS Silence INSTRUCTOR No one Oh that39s too bad Jamie used to smoke okay Smoke cigarettes And while she was at Texas Instruments and by the way she is one of my Ph D students She used to smoke cigarettes Some of you have probably smoked cigarettes and you know of course you got to go off campus but most places you can go outside the building and at IT guess what Many of the gatekeepers smoked Jamie would tell you she kind of had a good idea when the gatekeeper smoked so she would be out there and it was like a private club She39s smoking a cigarette and the gatekeeper and the Vice President smoked too How do you think it was to speak to the VP Smooth as glass Never complain you know Say that you don t want to get you don t get what you want and you can39t see the president Should you go over and complain Well you want to commit suicide Yeah that39s probably a good idea but you know I39m not saying you never do but complaining usually doesn39t work How much did you get when you weren39t always satisfied when you don t get what you want so when you39re phone calling in customer service you ask for a supervisor Has anybody had success with that I mean I39ve done that twice now with American I39m never going to do that again All the supervisors say quot Uhhuh uhhuhquot Well I guess we can39t do that thing anymore Now of course here again you39re on the phone so you don t really know so maybe it don t matter but rack up the Karma Accept what cannot be changed Look I fly a lot I mean a lot I39m a multimillion flyer I want a Goddang aisle seat and I39ll fight for it but there are times like when they screwed up apologized and say quot We don t have anyquot you just accept it There aren39t any aisle seats There aren39t any aisle seats Live through it okay Accept what cannot be changed Okay We39ll suck up tomorrow or Thursday All right There39s a couple of announcements going out The rain lab students You send inaudible in and you work free for this semester and then there39s a chance for a scholarship in the spring Plus1 l39m head of that Jones left so he gave it to me You know thank you Eric but anyways that39s coming up and you39ll be seeing an email If you39re interested fine If you39re not interested that39s okay University Job Fair is the 29th As they say tough shit Class ended Nirath Seri IE 5339 September 15 2015 INSTRUCTOR I39m semisick so I39ll sit down and we39ll just kind of get through this Okay Couple of side issues nothing to be on the test So you know for those who go to sleep that39s fine Down With Salad One of the interesting things that39s going on I think in the world is challenging that and you know whether or not you believe it39s a waste of time or you got enough money you don39t give a you know what or you39re in an area that doesn39t matter or whatever the issue is One of the things that everybody39s going to question so what are the interesting areas I can is water usage especially in California and there39s two items that are really under one under siege and one is being questioned and one is lettuce Why Because lettuce uses up a lot of water given how much nutrients are in it okay Now whether you like salads or not it39s an interesting point The other industry which I don39t have an article on is the almonds If you like almonds they are really under siege Almond trees require more water than most others such as olives or anything else so almonds may become more extinct Isn39t that interesting No but it is this idea of challenging things I39m not sure I showed this article or not Doesn39t matter The point is who is going to win ls tablets going to be the future or are laptops going to be the future This guy thinks the tablet is going to win and my point is if you really read the article I think the editor grabbed the wrong headlines What he39s really saying is they39re going to merge You know the new Surface Pro 3 can have cellular data The new i Pad 6 no that39s STUDENT Phone Pro INSTRUCTOR The Phone Pro I mean it doesn39t I don39t think it39s rocket science to realize they are going to be the same thing here in a couple of years Also in the article I assume this was going to happen I knew it was going to happen in the future is lntel39s coming out with a new chip in January February Now when we get into product development we39re going to talk about technology forecasting okay Why do I bring that up lntel doesn39t want to just build a chip and it39s ready to go and they hand it out right They are already talking to Apple they are already talking to Microsoft they are already talking to Dell This is what the chip39s going to look like here Are the specs we39re going to have blah blah blah so you can design what Future products Anyways the new Intel processor is going to run so low power you won39t have to have a fan Now as we get into thermal when we get into detail design and thermal analysis we39ll find out The yardstick is that the hotter electronics run the less reliable they run They literally they don39t burn up in the classic sense but they wear themselves out quickly so most of your laptops have a fan somewhere Very small but they have a fan and this new generation chip will not require a fan lntel39s been working on this for 20 years That39s probably not true Probably 30 years This has always been the dream you know of the idea because if you don39t have a fan it39s going to be cheaper fewer parts it39s going to be thinner and on and on and on so that39s another thing in the article So the other item that the article talks about is the future and here again he39s predicting first of the yearish first quarter of the year for the new Intel chip but then again it will take a while to put it into new products The other areas he39s talking about is there39s a new communication deal where you can literally take your phone and I could display it on a monitor somewhere using wireless which I think will be pretty cool so at least things are going on but what else is new you know You almost hate to buy anything because six months from now it will be obsolete right So whatever The other thing is I thought this was kind of curious and you can39t read it but oh I think I39ll it for you Wall Street you know I39m a big Wall Street person okay Well you know there is all these oil spills and so on so how should we transport crude and basically what they show is none of them are that good you know they all have problems so here is this is crude by pipeline Now a lot this of course we39re shipping more crude That39s by pipeline so that39s got issues By ship or water that39s going down That39s still a problem By rail is sky rocketed Now the reason for rail of course is the North Dakota and Canadian coal that39s being burned pretty much in the southern part of the country because cleaner coal and so that39s one of the reasons What39s that town that blew up in Canada Does anybody remember the name I mean they literally blew that place up and then of course the other option is trucks which whoa don39t look too good there either As you become engineers and you make decisions in industry or government or whatever just realize it39s not a perfect world you know You can go out there and protest against pipelines and all that means is they are going to ship it by rail You could protest against railroads It just means they will use trucks It39s always a balance So much for preaching I believe we left off at the art of sucking up is that correct STUDENTS Nodding INSTRUCTOR Now please remember our author likes to use flamboyant that may not mean much to y39all but he likes to make a splash okay So it39s not engineers39 misbeliefs it39s engineers39 lives right It was lies That39s a strong term but he meant it you know The humor in a lot of his stuff he means it He39s trying to sell books okay So the art of working with your boss the art of networking up would probably be a better term okay I39m not saying that he s right or wrong but the art of sucking up is kind of like yeah that39s kind of funny you know And he does like his little bit of humor So how do you suck up And sucking up means talking to your boss your boss39s boss your boss39s boss39s boss blah blah blah or a VIP I don39t know if I have talked to you about this but I am a very outgoing person in some situations and especially around engineers so if I see H Ross Perot or if I see Ray Hood or if I see the president of the university off in a corner by themselves I39ll go over and talk to them Now am sucking up I don39t know You know none of them has ever given me any money but it39s a fun thing to talk to famous people or very rich people or very powerful people or whatever so how do you suck up And the number one thing he lists is credibility Do you have a good story Now he s talking about a job here If you don39t meet the requirement for placement or job interview it won39t matter When I talked to H Ross Perot for probably 15 to 20 minutes nothing changed He doesn39t know who I am We talked philosophically and about the need for more Ph Ds and we left it at that I did call him up the next week and say quot How about giving me a million dollarsquot So on a job interview make sure you meet all the requirements My sister worked for EDS 20 years and she helped basically international students or international employees get visas to work in Dallas for a while before they went back to like India or Europe and all that stuff and their biggest problem was lying on the vita okay Especially programmers especially programmers and she said it finally got so bad that they would give programmer tests You know it39s really easy on your vita to say quot Well I39m wellversed in Word and Excelquot No big deal right But when you start putting C do you really know C Do you Cause quite likely that may be the reason they hired you so you got to be careful Now if you have one class that39s C I might put that down but if you have never really had and then say quot Well I heard about C I had C that can39t be much differentquot okay Just be careful with that Credibility empathy quot Please help usquot or quot I really need a jobquot when appropriate That can work when appropriate When not appropriate that doesn39t work Now he39s talking about big company helping a small company Yeah I can see that but be careful on job interviews and stuff Utility The best suck ups are mutually beneficial if you39re talking to somebody big time Remember we talked about this earlier Find a topic that you both like you know You don39t have to talk business Talk cricket Talkfootball Whatever you think is beneficial Gratitude Express gratitude for what you already have This makes it worth much better for acting pissed off and quot Oh sorryquot No one wants to hire a negative person you know One of the worst things when you39re hiring especially at the second and third level is to hear somebody gripe about quot Well the reason I39m changing universities is because I just hate University of Utahquot or whatever you know quot They don39t treat me rightquot blah blah blah you know quot And so I want to come to you because you may treat me rightquot What are you thinking We39re not different you know You think University of Utah gave you a bad deal Wait until you see our deal so be positive Let39s just say your last job is really bad Try to put in a positive light quot Well just didn39t know if there was enough opportunityquot Put a positive spin okay Remember the influence deal Reciprocation If by chance you39ve done something for someone put them on the corner quot Hey Joe you remember that job I got you You know two years ago Man I39m lacking for a job Can you help mequot Payback time Payback time I39m not much for that flattery Now that39s another one Too much you39re in trouble Too little you39re not you know If I went up to our president and said quot God man you39re doing the best damn job I39ve ever seen a president do at UTAquot it will be total BS I mean I think even he could realize that You got to be careful in flattery you know You39ll notice my note No you can39t see my note Not too much Okay Suck up in the action I39ll let you read that How to suck up to a blogger You can read it or not read it It39s not on the test If that39s what you want to do that39s fine Art of partnering I think the key summary of this is what do you bring to the table Does everybody bring something to the table Partnering just for your cause generally doesn39t work Partner for spreadsheet reasons doesn39t make monetary sense to find deliverables and objectives One of the problems with you know partnering in the university environment is two or three universities will go after money They get it And then one university takes it all Partnering has got to be a winwin and that39s over here You really need a winwin deal You need an out clause sic and then one of his interesting deals and I think at least some of you get it is ask women Now do necessarily agree on our author39s level of that I don39t know but I do know one thing If I have a really important email letter memo report I have my wife read it and it always chaps me off because she makes all sort of changes okay I mean God it39s like quot Why do I do thisquot Because it makes it better Now I could make the point that you should give it to a friend or if you39re a woman and you wrote it give it to a guy or you know second eyes can really pick out some things and you know one of my wife39s favorite deals is quot What are you trying to say What39s your point You39re just rambling on and on What do you want And put it in the first sentence the second sentencequot So ask women is one of his deals I thought that was very interesting and like I said you know maybe it39s just as simple as asking a friend to read it It39s worthwhile Now he says we have a genetic flaw which I39m sure some of the women believe Okay I got to read this You want the desire to partner balance with anything that moves Like I said you know sometimes you get his jokes sometimes you don39t Lies of partners We want to do it for teaching reasons you know Strategic reasons usually mean monetary and you know that39s kind of our management really wants to do this Well if you have to say that is it true We can move really fast Yeah yeah yeah our legal department won39t be a problem There is always a problem in the legal department There is very few times I can remember that we have not had legal problems on a research project When the company is small and opened by one or two people and they just give us what we want they just sign our standard contract and go on God doing something with Lockheed Martin Tl ATamp T it39s just unbelievable They sit on it Then when they get to it they want to change a couple of words I like the big thing at UTA We can39t sign a contract where the mediation is anywhere but the State of Texas I39m going to do a project with a company out of Ohio here and that company is going to have to sign a contract that says any mediation will be done in Texas Well they don39t want to do that They want mediation to be in Ohio so here we go I mean we haven39t even started the process but here we go We change it this way they change it back and by the way you know each time it just sits on somebody39s desk for I know how long It39s coming you know You can just go down the road so many times Pretty soon you know what the road is Now here is a big one Our primary question is whether you guys can scale What does scale mean Okay what does scale mean Like on coal and liquids research project We can make a beacon of crude but can we make a thousand barrels a day Will it work Can we find an investor that39s going to put in 6000000 to build it I don39t know but there ain39t too many people around spending six million so scaling is a big question I mean how many servers are you going to need And so on scaling it39s a big deal with investors It really is Now maybe it won39t matter but you have to take that We39re forming across functional team This ensures that no one is responsible What is a definite test question Single responsibility I don39t think if it39s a committee I don39t think if it39s a designing project with multiple people you got to have one person that gets that takes responsibility You got to You just got to man You know at 65 wish I had a record of committee screwups We39re five to 10 really smart people who get together and make really dumb policies I mean it39s scary It really is How could 10 Ph D brilliant people screw things up so bad But a committee can do it It39s just mind boggling to me Seriously it really is And I don39t have an answer other than to take responsibility That39s why generally at UTA and this is true in most places You got to have someone that takes responsibility That is the Dean If there is a problem with the result he or she knows the call You don39t call the committee you call a person and that was especially true at Texas Instruments With any design there one person was truly responsible Now if I screwed up and produce a sign from manufacturing it and this guy designed it this guy did this or girl or whatever woman the president or VP would still skull sic that person who would immediately rat me out Of course I am the one who screwed up but he or she knew who to call It39s so important it39s just ridiculous Chapter six Jackie Onassis If you want to read fine It is kind of interesting Most of you don39t even probably know who she is She was President Kennedy39s wife when he was shot Chapter sixth for the art of defensibility There is a couple of test questions on it It is probably a little rhetorical Did you know patent managerial You39re supposed to read the book lntel Microsoft App sic They will just stomp on your patent and then you39ll show up in court and they will have 30 lawyers and you only have one on retainer and if you are lucky he will give you a little bit of cash to go away But patents are better than nothing okay Patents are better than nothing and especially they are better than anything if the other company that39s infringing on is a low life like you Okay With you if it39s one of the big boys or big girls big woman whatever you39re in trouble okay You39re in trouble here again Now remember this is this is a repeat We39re the only ones that can do this Sirens go off That39s just BS BS BS BS I mean I don39t know how many millions of engineers there are in the world but you39re really saying you39re the only one that can do it huh I mean really Big name competitors want to compete with us will simply have to buy us out The grand illusion So what should you say We know there is no magic I believe there aren39t any magic but we have filed for a patent but we don39t know depending on patents but we39re also going to protect ourselves We have a month head start We built similar businesses before okay We amass a domain because we have sold customers for yeah that39s domain Expertise is important There is no doubt about that Could somebody recreate what we have done on coal or liquid crude l have no doubt but we39re way ahead of them Oh and this is a great bottom line Know we39re in a race and we39re going to work like hell to reach a scape sic That39s the bottom line We39re going to be faster okay Now maybe we will be maybe we won39t It sounds like you39re positive We39re going to be faster in the competition counterpart Chapter six the art of driving your competition crazy Does everybody know who Ray Crock was Does anybody know who Ray Crock was STUDENTS Silence INSTRUCTOR Mc Donald39s If any of my competitors we39re drowning l39d stick a hose in their mouth okay You just think competition at university level is bad wait until you get out in the real world when money39s involved You39ll be shocked Okay So how do you drive your competition crazy Number one know yourself Do you really know your strength and weaknesses And by the way this could be selfhelp Do you know what your strengths are Do you know what your weaknesses are Know thy customer Who are you really selling to Know thy enemy Know thy enemy Who is your competition It could be for a scholarship you know Focus on the customer Always turn customers into inaudible What does that mean Means sell it to her and she tells everybody quot Man you got to get this product or you got to get this and it39s greatquot One of the things that I39m going to get her name wrong because I see it once I see it my brain my speech impediment One of the presidential candidates the woman STUDENT Fresno INSTRUCTOR That was it yeah Wait no the female with the red hair who after 911 gave I don39t know 30000000 worth of servers to NSA39s National Security Agency for you international students You ought to know that they are the ones looking out for you Yeah right Believe that then you really got some issue They are looking after you but not in the sense of necessarily helping you out But anyways they did a lot of good stuff Chapter 67 how to remain sane One major point well two major points Don39t assume that perfect information exists Just because computer says 15 just make sure that makes sense you know I mean I know operations research does great things and data does great things and they give you a number but how do you know that number is right Why would it be right you know I tell that story and I probably told it a million times but I39ll tell them one more time You39re a managerial engineers and you39re out in the work You know monitoring your employees and all of a sudden you get a call from the office How much labor does it to take build a chair Well you got two options One is you could forget everything you were working on and you go out there Could do that but what is more likely They come up with three minutes Guessed But I got rid of that guy on the phone That39s all that matters I can now go back to what39s really important Now later on if they come back and say quot Well you told us three minutes It39s really 40 minutes quot Oh I39m sorry I thought it was three minutesquot People give out bad information on the phone when you do a survey You do everything truthful Do you STUDENTS Silence INSTRUCTOR I don39t know but a lot of people don39t you know They ask you your income you know Do you give them the honest answer or do you give them quot Of course I make a million to five million a year naturallyquot I mean do you tell the truth Never never assume perfect information Always question the information and take a chill pill you know Lives are too short to be wound up tight and some of you have parents that worked too hard and just really need that chill pill you know You can get way wrapped up in your work Now if it39s really beneficial and you feel real successful like my wife that39s okay but you know a lot of people are stuck in jobs they don39t like They work too hard they come home you know take a chill pill If you can that39s actually going to come back as beneficial Art of recruiting page 68 If you are going to be looking for a job any time soon you need to read it Now this is the idea That you39re recruiting somebody but this is what they are looking for For instance hiring infect tech the people who are eh EPBS sake when you go on job interviews act excited act positive No one want a sour person Do you Would you hire a sour person Would you hire somebody that belittles their current job even their university quot Oh I went to UTA God almighty Dr Priest what an idiotquot It doesn39t do any good you know Be positive You got to be cheerful and so on so people want to hire effective people They really do Check independent references There again this isn39t on the test but because we39re going to get one that is on the test I probably have three letters of references three forms I got the person that worked with me on a research project that I think the world of That student is one of the best students I39ve ever had This student is one of the best I ever had He worked on this project blah blah blah a great letter okay Then I got the second level He worked with me on this project He did a very good job Then I got the third level This person was in my class lthink Actually I don39t remember No I don39t do that I39m not going do your reference letter If I don39t know you don39t ask me for a reference letter because I39m not going to do it You got to get reference letters from somebody who will back you up somebody you have worked with Even your dad39s friend would be better than me There is nothing worse than I recommend blah blah blah for your Ph D program quot He was a student in the IE Department at UT Arlington If I could be any more help don39t call me because I39m not going to answerquot No I mean I39m just serious You really need to build some relationships If you think references are going to be posh sic if you don39t think you need reference fine you know That39s fine That39s up to you Real world recruiting If you are looking for a job recommend reading that but we39re not going to test on it Thirty questions from don39t worry about it Career guide answer for this century page 323 This is on the test Now this was hard Half of them you stand half of them might be a little eye opening This is based on research I won39t say they are all true or all false Let39s go back You39d be happier if you had a job you liked It39s been proven that39s not true okay Now you got to be a little careful on that It says the correlation between your happiness and your job is overrated The most factors by far are your optimism level your personal relationships if you are a pessimist A great job can39t overcome that and if you have great friends and family you39ll probably be happy if you hate yourjob Friends and family come first Period No exceptions Now if you got great friends and family and you39re happy with your job you hit the big time That39s winning the prize But if you39re not happy with your friends and family why the hell your job I mean I39ve worked with people whose life was around their job They are miserable I won39t say miserable you know but close I39d love to tell you a story but I can39t so all I39m saying is yes it39s better to have a job you39re happy with than not but friends and family comes first Period Changing jobs often used to be bad thing I mean job hopping used to be the kiss of death You39d look at a resume39 and everybody changed jobs every three years Your immediate thought is quot Well they will never stay here They are never happyquot You read into it okay That39s changed What has made that change A number of issues One is the idea of small companies They don39t work out or maybe the company marriaged with somebody else and the company doesn39t even exist anymore or they got merged person My sister got laid off from EDSHewlett Packard after 22 years That happens Bad things happen to good people you know If you39re a good person it doesn39t meaning everything goes your way I mean I39m a good person I have yet to win the lotto Damn it I am going to win that lotto Job hopping is not bad now It does look better though if the job hopping is not bad I can now teach at this university and you go to a better university then you get into administrative then you get department head that39s positive so job hopping can actually be positive and if it39s applicable or made sense at the time or it broadened your knowledge One of my best friend39s son went to UT Austin He was truly a genius okay And he got a double degree with a major in Japanese and went to work for one of the biggest consulting firms Worked there a couple of years then went to work for inaudible That39s unbelievable And then he found the startup company He thought it would make him rich and you know what He39s a CFO not an accountant but he39s so smart and he learned it you know And I39m sure he helps with running the company It39s a small company Let me tell you talk to some of your parents quot You39ve only been there five years You can39t leave yetquot Well that39s the old school and trust me I grew up in that environment I know my daddy wasn39t happy when I left GM after five years quot Oh great Well we know the glass ceiling still existsquot Notice I brought that up Did I bring that up or not STUDENTS Nodding INSTRUCTOR I don39t believe I mean I believe what he says but if you want to take us to task on this I understand and certainly in many industries it doesn39t exist This isn39t your personal beliefs This is the test Office politics is backstabbing Backstabbing will hurt you It will come back to haunt you Now criticism and backstabbing means a little bit different I may not be real positive about a couple of things so that39s criticism okay Backstabbing is saying something about a person People who are most effective at office politics are people who are generally nice people you know They don39t want me coming in the office yelling and telling people to jump up and salute which I do often just as a joke but you know act like you care Don39t backstab I mean here s the deal Generally it doesn39t do any good and two somebody sometimes would tell that person that you39re backstabbing Now number five Do good work and you39ll do fine Work hard and good things will come If you are in a corner in a big office building and you work 12 hours a day and no one knows it are you going to be fine No You got to brag a little or you got to let people know how well you39re doing or how hard you39re working tell this story and it39s basically true At TI l was on one project where our team was a bunch of nuts I mean I have never had more fun working with some people in my life So their big deal was the program was in trouble everybody39s working 10 hours and 12 hours a day so our group we were pretty much caught up but the rest of them were just disastrous so we would go to lunch and one thing led to another and we would shoot the shit and pretty soon we had a three hour lunch Then we would come back and then we had work till 600 or so and then make sure that we went by the VP39s office and said quot Well have a good nightquot Hopefully we made progress today or whatever If you count three hour lunches where we work 10 to 12 hours yes but three of those hours were goofing off I mean we had gone to malls and just wander It was it was the greatest group of guys but we played the game you know The boss thought we were working hard quot My logistics team man they are with usquot No we weren39t We were goofing off but how would I No he was working so hard Poor guy I hope he39s still alive He worked hard He got to let people know you know And you got to do it fine because you can39t just brag you know But it39s a fine line and by the way in a lot of respects that39s what you do in an industry You39ll probably do weekly reports What did you establish that39s important I know they are a pain in the you know what but it39s important to let the bosses know how she39s really doing Okay You need a good resume39 Only 10 of jobs come from sending a blind resume39 You should already know that you get good jobs through friends family and second acquaintances and networking Period Blind resumes yes it may get you a job at a sweat shop you know Sweat shop meaning you know we39ll pay you minimal and you have to work massive hours Good jobs come from friends ordinarily People get networks and get in touch with people you like and so on you know I39ve gotten a little consulting job from some of my fraternity brothers from college and that was 1973 and I still get some calls Networking is so important It really is Work hard and good things will come Create the shiny brand of you He didn39t put too much in that one I tell you in 72 that39s a major chapter Everybody who wants to know how to get a job in Silicon Valley and didn39t know how to ask This is for you who are looking for jobs not just in Silicon Valley I don39t think I need to cover it so it39s not in the exam Chapter 73 is none on the exam Chapter 74 is none on the exam Chapter 75 76 not on the rest except 77 the art of laying people off Now for these who are going to be job hunting those are probably some of the most chapters in the book for you okay So if you are thinking about job hunting you need to read those now There is some good stuff in their chapter 77 the art of laying people off It isn39t fun okay Why didn39t I read this chapter to cover I don39t know I could make the point that maybe it39s not as important to you because you know it39s going to be a number of years but whatever Number one take responsibility If you are the CEO or whatever cut once boy Let me tell you that39s not important God that was so painful Many you knew had layoffs coming and they just cut two people one week two people the next week so what is everybody doing quot Is this my weekquot Looking around you know quot Maybe I ought to sneak off work It39s Friday Maybe I need to sneak off work early so they can39t find me and fire mequot STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR quot I don39t know boys Cut once and get it over with and let people know itquot Move fast Once you decide to do it the word gets out I mean that was the other deal at GM We knew we were in trouble It was obvious We knew the layoffs were coming but when you know It just drives people nuts There was a famous manager What was his first name Well he was president of GM for many years One of his deals was every year you should cut the bottom 10 of your employees fire them and rehire new ones The idea being you know just like if you39re in a cattle business you call the ones that aren39t so good keep the better bulls That39s what his believes was the range of your employees and in the bottom 10 fire them We39ll hire new people Move fast clean house and get whacked You got to cut the friend Share the pain cut your pay show consistency don39t ask for pity quot I know you won39t lay anybody off any time soonquot you know quot I39m really sorry that I39m going to lay you off I feel really badquot You don39t feel nearly as bad as the person getting laid off They have got two kids at home How are they going to feed them Where is this person going to get a good job again They don39t want to hear that bullshit I mean it39s just bullshit It is sad especially when you lay off somebody you know will never get that good of a job again Provide support if you can Show people the door and move forward Now what39s the difference between this chapter and the next chapter Confusion probably So let39s skip it I got to make sure that39s none on the test Okay The thing you need to look at and read is the Stamford Experiment Now that is a very famous study Very famous study and a very prestigious university At Stamford one of the most prestigious departments went nuts This experiment has never that I know of it39s never been they never let anybody do it again It39s unbelievable These are the smartest of the smartest kids They turned into monsters You got to read it is now Is it on the test Yes Is it really applicable to us Probably not but it you know it39s just one of those things you know All righty What was the art of presentation What was one of the things to say that was recommended No one gets mad if you quit or lose right Have a good weekend Class ended Nirath Seri IE 5339 September 22 2015 INSTRUCTOR We39re going to do a lot of Dilbert This is not Dilbert I mean this is the Dilbert cartoon but it39s not Dilbert himself He says quot Alice best way to break the glass ceiling is do more networking with your male coworkers Shall we talk about this over lunchquot He says quot With yourself or without mequot Couple of reasons why I picked that out Number one we talked about if you do right or wrong Woman the second issue was the big survey about sexual abuse and you know you got to be careful because things are going to get really weird On chapter 82 that39s what I have If you want to disagree with me please don39t We39re going to hit a lot of information pretty quick Oh there is two topics I would love to talk about that will introduce us to the next phase of this project I39d love to talk about how VWs are cheating on EPA emissions Trust me I got an issue on that one And I39d love to talk about the Apple car and why it may actually be viable so these topics even though they are hot I would love to talk about them now but they will be after the exam okay In some respects this is a selfhelp book okay And it is a selfhelp book Parts of it So anyways what are the things you should learn this school year And his first item is How to Talk to Your Boss Now who is your boss That39s a good question because it could be your graduate advisor a professor or some of you working parttime I can39t tell you that but I will say this much There is an art to talking to your boss and I think you ought to read that I think sometimes you have to work within his or her environment I had lunch with some friends and one of their wives is tremendously successful and you know you can probably say she39s a close cousin to Hitler I mean she39s a CPA and does not tolerate any mistakes okay And if you work for a boss like that you work under those conditions Then I39ve worked for bosses that are like quot Let39s do itquot you know You just got to understand your boss Number two how to survive a meeting Now why is that important How about lectures Now I agree most of you aren39t into lectures but do you think that I don39t notice who sits on the back rows Do you think that if somebody on the back row makes a bad grade that I say quot Oh I39m sure you know the material I39m sorry I39ll give you ten extra pointsquot Uhuh it doesn39t happen that way okay You got to learn to survive a meeting I mean if it39s two hours or three hours then look just act like you39re into it I39m not saying you have to be but if you39re out there doing Facebook and I point somewhere and you39re still doing this I know what39s going on You think we39re that dumb Do you really That39s why 10 to 20 of you are going to be in deep dodo after this course is over Do you understand that I39ve talked about it until I39m blue in the face and I39m not going to say anymore How to run a meeting You know one of the things is I39ve always talked BS One way to have a meeting is take all the chairs out of the room and get it over with If you think it39s going to take 20 minutes plan on 40 If you think it can be 40 everybody wants to talk I mean committees are a pain in the you know what Everybody has to put in their two cents but still How to figure things out on your own What is this first third of this course about STUDENTS lnaudible INSTRUCTOR Self learning reading the book on your reason There are going to be test questions we talked about now If I say quot Skip a chapterquot that shouldn39t be on the test but if you haven39t been reading the book if you haven39t been looking at the power points you gotta learn how to learn Analogy Friday your cousin calls up and says quot Look I know about this job opening they are looking for somebody to program in C for Apple car and they are doing interviews I can get you an interview next weekquot Now what should you be doing Learning C and I don39t mean picking the book up and sleeping on it I mean reading every page and then when you get done get another C book and read every page It39s selflearning So for instance there is a new ISO regulation coming out that I may or may not be involved with If it doesn39t come out what am I going to have to do Am I going to say Oh you know quot Dr Combination sic will you send me to a class to learn thisquot No they39re not going to do it You have to learn it on your own Get used to it You39ve got to learn to learn Your days of the gray spoon feeding of education is just about over You39re fixing to go to industry and you say quot Oh I really need to know about this Do you have a class on thisquot quot Noquot quot Will you send me to a seminar on thisquot quot Noquot quot Can I go to a conference on thisquot quot Noquot You39re going to have to learn yourself I don39t know how to do that anymore than what I39m beating to death How to negotiate Many of you have been negotiators in America and probably don39t even need to talk and remember I39ve talked about what this author repeats okay How to make small talk How Because that VIP or your boss39s boss is over there you know And they don39t want to talk necessarily about business Let39s talk about cricket rugby football baseball or something quot What do you think about the after sic building of carsquot quot Okay can you make small talkquot How to explain something in 30 seconds Elevator speech We39re going to come back to this in the next go around after the test Elevator speech Look the theory is you get on an elevator with your boss39s boss39s boss and you got a great idea You got 30 seconds to explain it okay Now maybe you only have 25 maybe you have 40 The point is can you explain your idea or about you It39s freakish They had an Apple auto it39s on the same elevator as you or you didn39t get to meet him and you really want to go to work for him Can you explain yourself in 30 seconds to the point where he says quot Wow Give me your card or call this numberquot or he39ll give you his card and say quot Give me a call I might have a position for you but you only got 30 seconds okayquot Can you explain yourself in 30 seconds How to write a one page report Boy tell you what some of y39all are going to have the biggest problem with something to learn Most bosses actually one page might be too long I had bosses that wouldn39t go past one paragraph okay That39s something you need to learn Now honestly the other things I think are probably more important You can force yourself to summarize them you know How to write a five sentence email Just keep it short I39m not totally involved with that Here again those last two are kind of like eh How to get along with coworkers You got to get along with coworkers cause trust me if you don39t they will turn on you We had on a project at Tl we had a Frenchman that had a let39s just a body odor problem and we literally got him fired Now you can say quot Well he got fired because of thisquot Yeah but there were so many complaints He was in that 90 day window They can fire you for any reason okay So anyways he was just impossible to deal with How to use power point or key notes I think y39all probably are good on that How to leave a voice mail Oh my God I am the worseworst I am absolutely the worseworst to leave a voicemail l ramble Very successful people will tend to already outline their voicemail before they call but I39m sure you gotten voicemail where they go on and on and on What are you talking about Okay Why do smart people do dumb things There is only a couple of things here This is a word you39re probably not used to I don39t use the word but you might when you start believing you39re bullet proof okay Now you may get in a position where you are bullet proof Arguably l39m bullet proof at this university given my track record my funding record my service record They would be hardpressed to fire me but that doesn39t mean they can39t Doesn39t mean they can39t you know So all I39m saying is watch your arrogance Why smart people do dumb things Cause you39re arrogant God when I worked for GM I worked under the most arrogant person who made some of the worst decisions I wish y39all weren39t old enough I could tell you some of the cars that he personally was involved with designing Oh my gosh they were bad I mean bad unreliable you know Arrogance gets you Now successful arrogance is on that close edge Donald Trump running for president is on that edge He39s arrogant no doubt about it but he39s successful That39s the one that gets you Steve jobs arrogant Certainly He was an asshole Yeah he was arrogant No focus groups for him The Smart Focus his idea l Pad his idea He didn39t go out and survey a hundred people and quot What do you think the future isquot He would visualize it He was so innovative or whatever however you want to say it okay But arrogance is a closed deal Okay Narcissism You39re so ya know for y39all listen to me laughing For those of y39all not fluent in English I39ll be honest about it Narcissism arrogance and inaudible is so related that I think I39m going to go back to the test to make sure I don39t separate those To me they39re pretty much so intertwined that you know it39s narcissism is selfabsorption You39re so into yourself Well to a certain extent everybody is Then of course there are those others STUDENTS Giggling INSTRUCTOR Middle of three and one Here again as you know we39re starting to repeat things Accept yourself You are what you are okay I39m a professor a successful professor at a four tier university I accept that you know I39m the moderate to big fish in a very small pond If I was at Stamford I39d probably get fired for you know whatever Just accept what you are and work through it Accept others You got to accept others you know There is no point in you know Keep your sense of humor People like humor you know And he39s going to repeat himself a number of times No one wants to be around negative people If you39re negative all the time no one wants to be around you Accept simple pleasures Be happy you39re here or be happy or be happy that you have food or like Eukesh here be happy that you his family was in Nepal and they were homeless devastated by the brain dead What was it STUDENT Earthquake INSTRUCTOR Earthquake yeah but they all lived lmean that39s something You got to find some positive in the negative Enjoy the present You remember in high school that you couldn39t wait to get out then you got out and it was like quot Why was I in such a rushquot Then you go to college quot Man this is fun I can39t wait until I get outquot What are you what are you so impatient about Going to work for 30 years You think that39s a picnic STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR Enjoy it Go to some of these speakers make friends especially international ones you know Hey you know maybe you want to go to China sometime It would be great to have a friend that39s from China that you can go visit which one of my Ph D students did Paul Wilson what was his name I forgot his name but he went over there for a month Stayed with the family went to see things you know enjoyed it Enjoy the present Welcome work Eh Yeah um why Chapter 84 We39re going to skip this but the only thing to worry about it is consensus I know I39ve preached this and I know I39ve preached Committees are a disaster and consensus is a disaster Do you really believe that we could all agree on one thing of any importance The answer is quot Probably notquot Consensus is you know a great idea you know And sometimes you can raise a vote you know Now I bet I could get consensus if I delay the test by a week okay That39s just a gimme That39s not really trying to solve anything So yeah you can skip that one STUDENT I was unable to hear most of what he said but I did hear him say quotgeneral sidesquot and quotconsensusquot INSTRUCTOR Boy I tell you what I could go down that road on this but I39m not Oh why not Let39s bring on genocide Was Hitler if Hitler was right here how would he vote Isis Oh I better not point at anybody STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR I mean seriously I don39t know if you can give consensus really on anything I mean you can get popularity but consensus I don39t know Okay Chapter 85 is for you to read Are you a bozo That39s up to you to read If you want to read it fine If not no big deal Chapter 86 Are you an egomaniac That is not on the exam I think you ought to read it I want to give two quick stories You39ll notice there39s some writing up there Some of you many of you will be lucky Of course I changed careers enough that I worked for many different people Some of you hopefully will be lucky enough to work for some true leaders You you never understand what a leader is until you work for one okay There39s a lot of administrators okay There is very few leaders but when you work for a leader it is kick butt By that I mean honestly you will do anything for a leader One of the great ones at Tl which is always where go back Bill Mitchell and a number of other ones were leaders I mean you would go whatever it took you39d fight for them Whatever it took If you had to work Sundays let it happen cause a real leader protect your back and real leaders are putting in as much work as you are if not more and you believe that they believe That39s really important you know I can39t emphasize that enough Do we have any leaders at UTA I don39t know There is probably a few but I39m telling you when you work for a real leader it is mind bogang So anyways that39s it Oh no by the way so what would Bill Mitchell do He works 12 hours a day and I could go in and say quot Bill I39m kind of in a career decision here Is there some time we could talkquot He39d say quot Well look l39ll cut it off at 600 and we39ll go get a beerquot That was kind of guy he was you know He had your back you had his back Administrators don39t have your back okay They will hang you out to dry as quick as they can quot Well you didn39t fill out that form correctly so guess what You won39t get reimbursed for that tripquot That39s an administrator A leader will say quot You made a mistake I39ll get it fixedquot You39ll learn trust me Your day will come Okay So we can skip that The ahole rule page 401 I worked for an ahole when l was at GM and me and him actually worked pretty well together The reason he was an ahole is because he was a yeller and when I mean quotyellerquot I mean screaming within this far but he was good and l respected him but most aholes it ain39t that way So page 401 the first step is to recognize who is an asshole okay There39s some assholes in here I don39t know who you are and I won39t know but I know there are some you know Whether you39re narcissistic or arrogant or I39ll use some other slang You gotta know who is Now who39s on Google back there that39s not paying any attention Look up quot Steve Jobsquot and quotassholequot and tell me how many references he39s gotten Okay so anyway he did this already for some people He searched Google with a person39s name plus quotassholequot Lawyers came up 280000 Donald Trump came in second on his life 61000 Terrell Owens now that39s a football player that used to play for the Dallas Cowboys Very open minded 21000 Steve Palmer basically 9000 Guy Kawasaki had 1000 STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR I don39t know but I tried to look up Steve Jobs and I don39t know where it is Is that on the computer Does anybody know or how I mean he didn39t count all those based on results so STUDENT They have that number at the top right or bottom right INSTRUCTOR Look up quot Steve Jobsquot and quotassholequot and see how many we get Could be a new record STUDENT It39s not they have some kind of like network that won39t take me INSTRUCTOR Okay well let39s keep going on Page 403 how to avoid being an asshole Obviously you don39t want to be an asshole Number one do not make people feel impressed don39t beat on people I mean my gosh if you39re humiliated you39re humiliated Number two apologize I know some of you can39t apologize but you know it it39s really a good idea if you39ve done something bad to face your past All of us have regrets Now maybe some you never made a mistake Bless you I think that39s great you know Personally I got a few regrets in my past and I wish I would have done it a different way okay But you got to face your past You made a mistake go on do not mistreat people that are less powerful than you Y39all should as international students realize that getting mad because your flight is delayed your flight is cancelled Running up to the ticket agent and yelling at them I mean how stupid can you be They can39t do anything What do you want that gate agent to do Run out and fix the plane I mean that39s kind what you39re doing isn39t it You39re yelling at them quot What do you mean it39s cancelledquot Well it39s cancelled You think they are lying to you I mean think about it and I know look I39m right there with you especially on international flights We were on a Swiss airline from Missouri back to Dallas and the flight was cancelled because of mechanical problems and it was like you know we went up the agent quot Can you do anythingquot quot Noquot Okay well you know what the hell you39re stuck Another time we were in London and the pilot got sick and American Airlines no it wasn39t No no that had to be Frankfort There was only one pilot left that day and he was sick and that was it We had the plane but you got to have a pilot so they had to fly a pilot from the US to Frankfort Okay So far so good They forgot to tell all the passengers that the pilot had to sleep because we had been in the air for so long he had to sleep for so long Meanwhile he39s probably shopping down at the Stewart Yard but who knows Anyways we all go back to the airport then find out it39s going to be another 8 hours or less All I39m saying is the gate agent can39t help Now if you have a direct line to the cellphone of the president of you know American Airlines then yeah that might help but don39t be ridiculous Resist being aholey from the start Walk away and stay away from assholes We39re going to see this three different ways here in the next couple of chapters Stay away from assholes If somebody is mean stay away from them Don39t jack with them and I don39t mean fight with them don39t try to make friends with them There are some bad people Just accept it and go on with your life quot Acting as an asshole is a communicable diseasequot I thought that was funny Always focus on winwin We already see here again we39re kind of starting to go around in circles STUDENT lnaudible INSTRUCTOR Do what STUDENT The server has two words It comes up to a new record INSTRUCTOR Steve Jobs STUDENT Uhhuh INSTRUCTOR How much STUDENT 72000 INSTRUCTOR 72000 hits Wow How to deal with assholes Hope for the best and expect the worst I probably have worked for three flaming aholes and That39s so important Don39t assume anything good about them Develop indifferences and emotional detachment You got to You can39t make friends with those people Now a lot of them are developed That39s right Now you would be sitting next to a guy or a girl a woman that is perfectly nice now but once they get power and money something clicks okay Look for the small wins limit your exposure stay away from them expose them I disagree with that No not completely Not one person but be careful exposing aholes because you may find out that their brother is the president of the company or something else or maybe they got naked pictures of the president STUDENTS Giggling INSTRUCTOR I39m telling you be careful I39d love to tell a story about what happened at this university about 20 years ago but it39s improper so I won39t so band together and expose them Here again exposing is dangerous Is your boss an asshole Page 407 Think the rules are different for him You know that39s a little tough The reason it39s tough is that a lot of times as you get hired you have more assistance so they do last but what does that mean quot Don39t understand the difference between a position and a person making a positionquot This is why I mentioned a lot of times that person sitting next to you may be a fine person now but once he39s a vice president hard work pressure family pressure whatever it is starts to we39re on them so a lot of people transition to being an ahole and requires handlers You39ll process that I put JP here Guys will tell you I need handlers Why is that That39s a longer story than you need to go to Requires the fulfillment of special requests Be happy It relates to people primarily in terms of what they can do for them Aholes are not worried about you Leaders want all of their teams to get promoted wants all their teams to get raises want all their teams to be successful Aholes do not Do you understand that It39s all about them Judges people by their own value asks you to do something you won39t do Eh I39m not on that Calls people any time of the day You that used to be true but I don39t know in today39s world Email phone I39m not sure that39s really true you know Believes the world is out to get him when faced with criticism and slows down or halts your career progress That39s happened to me twice Twice I had a boss that kept me from getting either a promotion a significant raise one time a bonus because they were jealous l was more successful than my boss and my boss couldn39t handle it They will do that to you That39s why you got to get out if you have a bad boss Try to work your way out of it okay We can skip to chapter 89 but no we39re not going to do 89 The next chapter is called Time Out l have no idea where this came from You can take this exam or not take this exam I don39t think it39s not on the test You can take it if you want and if you don39t I can39t make you care Page 90 you can skip I mean chapter 90 Chapter 91 By the way 91 is a very interesting chapter therefore maybe one person in here that wants to do social work and if you do I would read this chapter If you39re a fast reader I would read this chapter I think it39s great people donated their life working for a good cause Don39t get me wrong but 90 of you have no intent of doing that so I just say skip the chapter and we have to skip a few chapters anyway Chapter 92 you can skip Chapter 93 you can skip And then we39re at page 449 You got two chapters left I would really like you to read these chapters before we lecture on them on Thursday okay So we39re basically done with the book his hindsight over his life Now do you agree with them I don39t know but there are some interesting twists here Some I39ll give you a little teaser Number one teaser live off your parents as long as possible My generation didn39t do that In my generation you graduated from high school and you39re on your own I graduated Friday night and Monday morning l was at GM I regret that now I don39t know what I should have done Maybe should have went to Europe Australia I don39t know but I do kind of regret it you know But then again that was my generation Look I got kids that are 29 and 27 Trust me they live off the parents You know I look forward to the day I don39t pay their car insurance I don39t pay their cellphone bill I don39t have to loan them money and I don39t know how old that is I may be doing this until they39re 40 STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR Pursue joy and not happiness That39s I39m kind of soso on that God I believe in this Challenge the note and embrace the unknown Be a real engineer Go out there and learn something new You know I39ve done liquid metal jetting and that kind of almost background I39ve done cold coal to liquid crude with no background under coal I39ve done many you know Looks like we39re going to start up smart city He will really don39t know anything about it I love the unknown The challenge of learning keeps you young you know Now we39re going to go back through these but I just l39m teasing you Learn to speak a foreign language play a musical instrument or play a noncontact sport play golf and guitars Now if you would have said quot What was your dream jobquot I would be playing with the Rolling Stones or the Beatles I don39t know I remembered I wasn39t good enough but you know you should have something You got to have more than just engineering Others continue to learn How many times do you have to preach that And I will continue to preach it Don39t give up learning It keeps you young Now I might add my wife reads a lot of books That39s learning you know Okay so it39s a romance novel You39re still learning You39re still keeping that brain working Learn to like yourself or change it If you39re not happy about yourself do something about it for Heaven39s sake I mean what are you waiting on Santa Claus to come down and say quot Oh you39re a new personquot I told you this guy said quot Hey go for it Don39t get married too soonquot I failed generally Got married when l was 20 STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR Been married 43 years happily so I can39t complain I just thought that was normal You talk about a generational change My son is 29 he39s got everything going for him He39s got a good job he39s got tons well not tons of money Well not a lot of money He39s good looking and he does these group gettogethers you know where people meet at places but no one39s really dating I assume he39ll get married some time but certainly he39s living this dream of quotdon39t get married too soonquot Now remember this is the play to win to play We have gone down that road Obey the absolute Look I wanted to be a rock 39n roll star I wasn39t good enough That39s an absolute okay I39m not going to be a rock 39n roll star You got to live with that absolute You39re not going to be a Donald Trump You39re not going to be a tata sic okay Live with it Another thing that I believe so much Family first and if you want to include some friends in there fine but your family will die Now hopefully you won39t precede them but you know that happens I mean you could get run over out here in the parking lot STUDENTS Giggling INSTRUCTOR Enjoy your family enjoy your friends They are not going to be here especially your older family your grandparents and your parents You39ll probably outlive them you know Give them a phone call next time you go back home and spend some time with them okay They are not going to be here forever So kind of heavy now behind This is interesting and I guess while we39re going at it we might as well finish it Things are never or bad as they seem You have to live a long time before that happens I tell you what I was an activist back in college You know Green of America we got to do it oh my God the Vietnam War we39re all going to die blah blah blah Russia39s going to send nukes There is always some bad going on in the world but it39s not the end of the world okay I mean the Syrian refugees is a crisis I don39t know how it could get any worse for those people okay But we39ll get through it Maybe not well I m not talking about you I39m talking about the world you know It39s never as bad as it seems but it39s never as good as it seems you know And one issue I guess in the US we39re isolated fairly well and I don39t know if that39s good or bad you know I mean if you have seen any of the TV shows news casts from Hungry where they are putting up razor wire to keep the you know these poor people that have nowhere to go and what a mess you know What an absolute mess but it39s never as bad as it39s never as good and you know human nature has generally worked through it you know You got to have hope If you think someone is an asshole then everybody else is too Life is too short to deal with assholes Get away from them Mean people stay mean generally Generally If a person did something you didn t like and they didn39t mean to do it give them a little slack You don39t have to answer every email Oh my God I don39t know I39m about to 100 a day It39s just a beating I said if you don39t put 5339 on that email I ain39t seeing it okay If you want to add something in the title put 5339 if you want me to meet with you okay I need to see that number and don39t ask people to do something you won39t do Okay We39ll answer questions about the exam Thursday We39ll briefly hit on some of those but we basically have covered the book It39s not an exam guys and women okay Hopefully you39ve been keeping up if you haven39t have had a busy weekend Anything else Any questions on the exam Right now we39re at 180 questions I think 160 or 180 That39s ballpark So when you come in here you39ll have to download that software which will lock up your computer eventually and then randomly you will get served out 180 questions The person sitting next to you will randomly get 180 Now that doesn39t mean that I39m not going to look at somebody else39s screen but I39m just telling you that you know if you career is based on cheating you may be in trouble but hopefully that39s not the case Remember that some of the wrong answers are common sense You would think they are correct but they may not be Oh and no backtracking Anybody going to need a computer Everybody got one laptop For Heaven39s sake charge them up Also we may have a meltdown We may have a problem on I l T addresses so when you come in we39ll start the exam If you can39t log in just stay cool chill out and an IP address will become available sooner or later okay I know it39s freaky Don t say quot Oh my God Oh my Godquot The test timing is based on when you sign in not based on clock time Anything else Any questions Oh any other questions Nothing Call your parents tonight and surprise them Anything else I mean don39t shock them to death Call them and say just doctor priest said I got to call my parents Okay We39re done Class ended notes may not be verbatim Nirath Seri IE 5339 September 24 2015 EUKESH All right guys just some quick announcements Hopefully you guys have downloaded the browser During the exam it is better if you turn off your phones because we don39t have a lot of internet connection going on There39s a lot of laptops so before we have a threshold problem of not connecting due to because of so many problems with IP addresses if you guys want to turn off your cell phones or i Pads or whatever you have it would be beneficial The other thing is this is a sample quiz so I will be giving you five questions Pretty much similar to the exams so that way you can have an idea of what other type of ways it will be in the exam It will be a five minute test and the math is similar to the exam so no backtracking Means once you39re done with one question you won39t be able to come back again so before you go to the next question make sure that you answer whatever is best for you We have done it for the sake of preventing chea ng For today39s sample quiz if you go from the Lock Down Browser make sure you have to go through Lock Down Browser You won39t be able to do it from this blackboard but once you39re in Lock Down Browser then you will want to log in and you39ll see this screen and then you will be able to see the sample quiz now and then it will be able to see this screen so once you enter this screen it will say quottime limitquot and then when you begin it will ask you for a password so let me know if you guys are in the password section And some quick announcements Whenever you answer every question there is a save so therefore there will be a save icon You don39t have to save it in every answer but only on the final one Whenever you39re done with the last one you have to save and submit so you don39t have to save each and every answer every time It will all be saved once you click this icon And also there will be in the next exam some questions so the first part will always be from what chapter it is taken and the second part will be the question Okay Are you guys ready with the password STUDENT Yes EUKESH This is only a five minute exam but during the examination there will be 75 questions 15 makes sic and then it will be 100 five all together but in the meantime if you are doing the test and in the meantime your internet crashed all you have to do is just chill and then log into the Lock Down Browser again All you do is move that for a sum of seconds or a minute It is not graded so you don39t have to think a lot about this Students took the exam INSTRUCTOR First of all I have a sinus issue I39ve been on the road for God knows how long Can39t find my computer That39s nothing All right You know what happens Tuesday All of y39all make it and life is great so any other questions It39s a random question test so you know obviously are all chapters equal Absolutely not okay You may be lucky or you may be unlucky And something I don39t have on my list I39m going to revise and put a revised deal so there is no backup And if y39all don39t want to shut up then why don39t you just leave I mean seriously You want to leave STUDENTS Silence INSTRUCTOR Okay You know it is the luck of the draw Yeah you could say quot Well I studied everything and that was the few things that I didn39t knowquot Well I39m sorry It39s the way life goes quot Well I knew the material I mean could I do a retest or take the test againquot quot Noquot The grade you get is the grade you get just like the GRE just like the SAT Now I will say one thing I would guess historically you39ll come out of here with your test score lower than it is going to end up and the best way to get an indication of that is to talk to your friends so if your raw score is say 75 you may say quot My God I39m going to flunkquot But then you start talking to your friends and they all got 60s 50s 40s you39re going to be in great shape I assume the test is easier than it was last year I tried to cut out some of the questions that were too tricky so I don39t know remember what the answers Any other questions I39m surprised so many people are here I thought there was a holiday religious holiday No STUDENT Yeah several INSTRUCTOR Is it a festival STUDENT Yes INSTRUCTOR Today or yesterday STUDENT Yesterday INSTRUCTOR Well one of my undergraduates got to me Hey I39m easy Half of the multiple questions two out three three out of four all so you know By the way that39s not my original idea That is an idea that is on the sample exam and I thought it was kind of interesting because it could be A B C two out of three all or none and so that makes it a little worse No backtracking no note taking during the exam no note taking period Now if you feel that one question is unfair and you remembered it and you didn39t write it down Eukesh and I can actually change the answer for you but you can39t write it down It39s got to be what you remembered By the way number one question means nothing Five for him is question 25 which is 26 for you which is 42 for you okay But what was the question Why do you feel it was unfair okay But you can39t write it down You are to remember it and then send us an email and we will have it changed I mean seriously Will we change it for the entire class No We39ll just change it for you I hope everybody does well I really do I just know some of you are here for a grand time and grand time isn39t it The ones that have been studying the ones that have been keeping up ones that don39t sit in the back will probably be fine Any other questions Yes STUDENT My question is if it39s contradicting the author like a few points which do we pick up The ones you say contradicting the point or do we pick up the ones INSTRUCTOR I39d like to say I can interpret it trying to remember the first things that I didn39t necessarily agree with Generally if I don39t agree with the author I don39t put it on the test If you really think about it we have covered so much material I could probably have a test banquet with 500 questions easily so if you kept up and I kind of blew off something I think you39ll be fine I really do I think there is nothing on the test where I say I disagree I don39t think there is And I took the stories out because of the other classes We have one class that is only pass sic for students and I39m not teaching so I took out most of the stories Anything else Okay Adios Class ended notes may not be verbatim Nirath Seri IE 5339 October 1 2015 TA Have you guys done this survey before Like the three courses you would like to take in spring of 2016 STUDENTS No INSTRUCTOR The answer is anything but l T Okay We haven39t decided the final curve lsent you emails talking about the 12 points I just don39t know what so hypothetically if you made a 59 you39re in trouble If you made a 91 you39re in great shape and we39ll go from there but the curve will be in there There39s some issues being worked and I want to see what the Monday class tests grades are It39s not a question that your curve will be different from the other graduate curve so we39ll just see how it goes Any questions about the test Yes STUDENT You said in the email that if you had any problems for us to review the questions but we can39t even look at the questions Is there any way to go to the TA to look at them INSTRUCTOR No You can39t see the test If you remember something that bothered you certainly we39ll evaluate it and tell me why but no you can39t see the rest STUDENT There were some questions which were from skipped chapters INSTRUCTOR Right Send me an email lwill certainly evaluate it l have no problems changing your grade I39m not I39m not you know I39m not that bad of a guy Well some wouldn39t say that Yes STUDENT There were some questions that said for basically is this part of the myth is this true I want to make sure if I said true does that mean yes it is a myth or is the statement true INSTRUCTOR You know that39s a hard question I assume that it39s the statement true as the book STUDENT 39Cause in the book INSTRUCTOR I warned that was if you were here during the test review I said be careful about the lies I don39t know if I specifically mentioned myths STUDENT So if you say true then it39s a lie and that39s fine INSTRUCTOR If it was a lie then yes STUDENT Okay INSTRUCTOR Okay We39re done with the book I would suggest keeping it especially if you start getting serious in the job market at least in the USA To me you didn39t pay that much unless I don39t know You shouldn39t have paid much so it39s one of those few books that you can39t keep because you know I got to write a new resume39 I think I39ll go to the book or I39ve got an interview I39ll go to the book I got to give a presentation It is a reference book Okay That s done We39re not going to start the process of how do you design products okay And I will admit by the way I think all of the slides are on blackboard I39ll double check this weekend but I have a crisis budget crisis on the research project It39s on blackboard Now what39s the best way to handle that I don39t know how you want to take notes It39s like anything else Some things are more important than others Do you want to print it out doublesided six per and like circle the ones that I really emphasize I can39t tell you okay The only real personal chapter as far as since we have left is this first lecture or first lectures After that we39re going to pretty much follow my technical book that I wrote for Texas Instruments twice What the goal of this part of the class is you need to know how product development works okay Now many of you are going into manufacturing of existing products The factory has been there for 20 years and this class won39t do you any good or very little okay I know that but many of you or some of you will also go into situations where not only are you in the manufacturing you might developing with process designers or new products If you are a bread manufacturer bread doesn39t change very often but if you39re in any kind of technology you know everything changes every you know two months so I believe it39s better to know the process and whether or not you actually use it or not That39s like anything else I have been practicing a practicing engineer for 45 years I39ve never used a book okay That39s a big deal Wow that39s really an IE thing Never used it Never used it So that may be true with this That39s why you get you know that39s why you39re shown different things You don39t know what you39re going to end up being unless you39re rich and you39re just here to play or if you win the lottery All I39m saying is I think this stuff is important for a good number of you I think some you will never use it but it isn39t going to kill you okay So another big aspect of this course or for the rest of the course is getting to know a little bit about how the other disciplines interact with you All your classes are l Es You know in the old days I know ancient days you know the first two years you all took the same classes I took three EE classes Probably took five ME classes Nowadays nah you don39t need to do this you got to cut down on your hours blah blah blah blah so part of this course or part of the objective of this course is how would you interact with EEs MEs or what do they do okay The original format multiple deaths sic and injuries before college It says cover and preface A number of years ago there was an effort by some we used to have some really good leadership They had a program where if the professor could work power points or some other format and not the have the students buy books because books are expensive they would give you skypon spell and at the same time my book got transferred from one publisher to another and they wanted to jack the price up and just said quot What a perfect opportunityquot So I got a small skypon so you don39t have to buy a book And so numerous times I will reference books or I may say some of the slides will say chapter one it39s chapter one of the book Now will the book help you I think I39ve got a pretty good deal of power points Now we39ll some word documents later but for right now it was developed at Texas Instruments Here was Tl39s gripe EEs have no idea what manufacturing is MEs have no idea what EEs do and they wanted a 30 hour course Just get everybody working together What are the problems in logistics What are the problems in you know electrical engineering And then you know also in the course you find out saying you39re an EE doesn39t mean a whole lot Saying you39re an IE doesn39t mean a whole lot Are you an IE in logistics or are you an IE in food manufacturing Are you an IE in education or are you an IE very soon in your career you39re going to start getting classified In EE are you a digital engineer are you in analog Chemistry You39ll get subclassified as you go along It was also pushed by the US Navy by a mentor of mine by the name of Will Willoughby and Will truly believed that the problem in complex systems development was a lack of use of best practices It was too easy to skip things so you39re going to hear the term quotbest practicesquot a lot So a lot of this pitch today and Tuesday is really kind of more of my thoughts After that we39ll get really more into the standard belief Many of you realize there is turmoil in the world39s economy There39s recesses there39s currency fluctuations religious conflict powerful verses the weak rich verses poor and all I want to do is empathize This is a person deal it39s just something I won39t put on the test so what else is new We have had wars all of our lives we have had currency fluctuations all of our lives we have add rich verses poor all our lives Don39t let yourself get so wound up in that things are so bad They are bad but it has always been bad and there is good and there will always will be good You got to live with it man You just got to live with it Don39t go off in a hole and build up this hatred or this quot I despise everybody that39s got wealthquot What about the kings in England in the 1800s you know I mean it is what it is so whatever So we do have fundamental change We always have fundamental change but they are I think because of numerous issues there are bigger fundamental claims at least in technology and economy now more than there used to be and we have emerging countries and large new economies India and China I don39t want to get into what my personal beliefs are and all that other stuff but you know China was a pretty backwards country 20 years ago and so technology we got instant communication lgot fascinated by the Egypt Revolution What was that Five years ago something like that The fact that people were sending videos from their i Phones to the internet and you could watch what was going on Did that make it better or worse I don39t know That39s not my point Product development tools My God There will be some tools coming around that you know the day will come if you39re a logistics manager of where to send your trucks You just input the data and they will pop up That39s coming 3D printers that you know SD of plastics have been around for a while and Dr Huff has one and Eutari spell out there in Fort Worth has a couple You used to be able to build these prototype plastic parts They are now working on metal which by the way 15 years ago we were trying to develop metal We called it quotliquid metal jet presentingquot We were unsuccessful but we were very successful in the research Yes STUDENT When you talk about product are you talking about stocking something from new or learning how the development works INSTRUCTOR Product development tools in terms of making a part World outsourcing you know that39s even more today than it used to be There was an analysis done on Apple but it39s a worldwide product You think of it being made in China Yeah it39s assembled in China but this part is made here You know what The most expensive part was made in Switzerland The GPS part was made in Switzerland Number three speed of developing new items Faster faster faster Remember in that one video Faster better cheaper Contrary to what he said that39s still important Number four highly intelligent systems with empathy That39s the new A idea You know we39re getting these smarter and smarter machines Scares me to death We39ll talk about that later And new processes You know new nano processes smart processes selfcorrecting don39t know if you have seen some of the You Tubes on selfcorrecting materials It39s pretty phenomenal you know Something tears and the model if you eat it up the molecules will inaudible so you39re living in an exciting age Pervasive computing Pervasive was the popular term five years maybe 10 years ago There is not really a good term to use for it Basically what it means is information is everywhere I don39t know if you have heard this but a lot of schools have censors by the doors so they can take attendance You have to have an RFID and your ID would have an RFID tag it would read the tag and I could look at who showed up automatically That39s minor We got smart phones we got i Pads we got apps we got GPS we got drones we ve got flying bug with cameras There could be one up there One of you could be a spy and there may be a little bug right up there watching everything do you do Who knows Number three smart homes with talking toasters We have talked about a reality check You39re going to have great bosses you39re going to have great administrators Okay last one No consensus on pervasive We have no idea Why is so much of this new software making so many young people with a new idea rich Because we don39t know There is no obvious path I mean come on You telling me e Bay was a great idea I would have laughed Would you have invested real hard earned money into e Bay And Linkedln which I39m in Linkedln by the way and I39m not accepting many of you because I39m still not sure where it39s going I mean is this going to be a hit list you know But so many of these successful apps or software are really not that they39re not brilliantbrilliant but they made it happen What39s going to be there tomorrow Actually there is following on the Facebook something new It could be you You can be an entrepreneur and I39m telling you if you watch Shark Tank everybody should watch Shark Tank at least once because it39s a good idea There are people with money that want to invest okay They are lining up out there just people holding on to cash but they are looking for an idea a good idea and of course somebody or some group that can make it happen you know they39re not You can39t just have a good idea We don39t know how it39s going to change our lives okay Engineers and other huge acronyms Know the language That will be a test question for sure RPM Most of you understand this but the few that don39t we live off acronyms Come on RPM revolution per minute GB gigabyte ROI return on investment PAT who knows what PAT is STUDENT Not sure INSTRUCTOR I always get the international students on this one Point after touchdown STUDENT Huh INSTRUCTOR American football I had to throw a kicker in didn39t I Come on a little humor Lighten up MTBF meantime between failure It39s a typical reliability used for systems That can be repaired If your car fails it39s brand new and failed you don39t throw it away right So meantime between failures is how long do you drive it before it needs some repair I don39t mean oil change I mean something goes wrong it HALT highly accelerated life testing Halt is where let39s say you develop a new light bulb an LED and you say it could last five years How are you going to do that Are you going to by a bunch of these bulbs and put them in sockets and wait five years No you do accelerated testing and we39ll cover that Don39t worry about that AF test analyze and fix One of the things you learn in high technology when you39re pushing that envelope you got to remember that you are going to have failures If you39re not having failures you39re not pushing the envelope Test analyze all the failures and fix it So the next test cycle should be better and better and better and better okay LCC life cycle cost What is the cost for the life cycle of the product OLAP online application programming Yeah okay Database buzzword You know here again This is the way I look lot of acronyms Let39s say I39m in a meeting consulting with a TI group It39s important that when somebody says OLAP to not say quot Um uh what does that meanquot Keep your mouth shut but it would be nice to know what they are talking about you know You got to learn the buzz man LOL STUDENT Laugh out loud INSTRUCTOR See You know that one right STUDENT Do you know EBITD Earnings before interest taxes depreciation and STUDENT Amortization INSTRUCTOR Amortization You got to know it I know this is tacky but how can you be successful in France if you don39t speak French You got to learn In the food industry for example they probably got different acronyms You can39t be afraid of acronyms Let39s talk about metrics I believe our author mentioned this but if not I thought I did but whatever Like it or not life is metrics okay Life is metrics quot How much money do you have Where do you livequot You say quot Where do I live That39s not a metricquot It dang sure is like living in Highland Park or downtown Dallas wow you must be making money If you live in Frisco well that39s iffy I told this oh shoot this is on camera Should I do it STUDENT Yeah you should INSTRUCTOR Okay Iwill STUDENT We can go outside INSTRUCTOR This is guys okay Guys you see a girl she39s an eight or a nine and you see another she39s a seven It39s the same thing for girls looking at guys STUDENTS Laughing INSTRUCTOR It is Is it fair I didn39t say it39s fair Many metrics are not fair How am rated Well I39m rated by all my publications how much research funding I bring in and how I39m rated as a teacher Sure some of you want to come up here and strangle me but it39s metrics How much money do you have Or for women quot Is that a real Gucci pursequot It never ends quot What car do you drive What year is itquot You got to live with it It is what it is and you like myself I gotta accept that I39m a five maybe going on a four It is what it is So let39s talk about sales market share It39s something that you probably haven39t dealt with yet We will talk more about it A lot of companies are hooked on market share We have 40 of the market GM General Motors used to always be a big deal How much of the US market did they have And so on Customer acceptance Now when we39re getting all this data and if you haven39t taken the class we got so much more data than they used to Last quarter remember quarter39s a big deal in accounting In last quarter how many of our customers were new customers compared to returning customers Another metric Percent of shares of early adaptors and there39s all sort of things you can measure And unfortunately in the US not so much in our countries but stock price The stock prices fall and people are like quot Oh my God Tl stock prices down 5quot It39s sad because stock price don39t necessarily mean squat but it can be squat Okay Very important Lord Kelvin spell had a famous quote quot You don39t know if you can39t inaudible something you don39t know much about itquot Don39t worry about the exact quote because we39ll look it up The point is life is metric so what are the product design metrics And I39m not going to spend much time on it Is it innovative Do you have intellectual property Is it a patentable or secretive You know a lot of companies are secret Intel they will crush your patent but you39ll never find out what they are doing They own the patent stuff where they knew they are going to crush you Cost is a metric As an engineer if you have been properly trained you39re a basket case We39re a mess Availability Generally you39ll buy what39s there right High quality When you talk about purchasing you need to take multiple psychology classes because there are so many interesting areas Availability When it39s not available for very high priced products is a plus right The i Phone 6 you can39t get it now right It39s backlogged Does that make it more you want it Yes STUDENT This may be off topic but who decides which product to put on a shelf and if there are two or three brands of the same kind INSTRUCTOR Well boy that39s almost another lecture At grocery stores big grocery stores like at Kroger there is a little payola not below board but God I don39t know any names Let39s go with tomato sauce There is Hunt39s tomato sauce They either purchase or pay a monthly fee and they have three feet and then there39s the name brand Kroger name brand for example which probably has three or four feet and then there39s another brand you got to work in but availability is really key Okay let39s get going Reliability and quality Why do you buy a Honda Reliability right I mean there are others I could say but it39s reliable A lot us buy whatever brand we have always bought lt39s human nature Or store position I go to the store to do this and end up with this in addition to that and why Because it was positioned right We39re now talking about the design of it not manufacturing not availability not logistics We39re talking about we39re designing a new product What are our metrics at that point Performance which includes reliability invasion sic cost Schedule or lead time Why Because availability The longer the decision to manufacture it costs more and so on Now this 4th one is something I add Well actually from my mentor No actually my mentor39s inaudible Technical risk Every time you change vendors there39s a risk okay Will the vendor be part of the quality or will the vendor be able to ship on time That39s technical risk Intellectual property Can you protect it And you39ll notice where there39s innovation styling They are hard to measure How can you put a metric on invasion No What metric would you have used with the breakthrough of the i Pad Well it is half as thin as the laptop you know We had a company we had product we had design and now we have manufacturing What are the manufacturing metrics Here again technical risk for manufacturing We39re going to have a new process we39re going from a loom sic number to stainless steel or we got a new punch press or here again could be a vendor Lead time How fast do you get it out So what makes a successful product It has been studied 80 why do you buy a Casio calculator verses another type of calculator verses a TI calculator I don39t want to know the answer because it depends and every one of you probably if you had to buy one would do something different Some schools require the TI blah blah blah If it your money it is probably Casio What do you need to do The point is it is what it is and whatever you think Key terms of why customers buy certain products Here again consumers buy or not buy based on perceived value Now what does that mean If we put all the Apple computer people over here and we put all the Microsoft people over here these people cannot convince these people to get an Apple and these people cannot convince these people to go to Microsoft lt39s perceived There39s no data There39s no book you know It doesn39t exist It39s your opinion You have an opinion Now your opinion may be forced by lack of money I39m just saying it39s perceived value You can39t prove its value Value is the relative word for need or perceived importance of the product of a customer Customers design value in relation to their personal expectations needs or wants By the way we39re going to come back to that needs and wants Customers are often classified in types Early adaptors or lead users That39s important You design a product to be successful You produce a product and no one buys it That39s not good You design a product and people go to Apple stores and line out the place of order that won39t be shipped for six weeks Early adaptors or early users are people that generally have the money and love high tech stuff okay So what happens is many times in a design process you39re really trying to focus on those people okay You39re really trying to focus on the lead user or the early adaptor Then the other group you might consider is the cost trailing is cheap We39re going to be cheaper than everybody else so people will buy our products and so on It is tough You generally know the early adaptors make a difference with a successful product Light speed change We39ll save this another time Time is often your scarcest resource Now you can run out of time and money Trust me there39s lots of things you can run out of Don39t get me wrong but time it39s kind of like you I realize y39all have more time than you will probably ever have in the rest your life If you don39t realize that you will Well I39m busy but I really want to work out but I really want to meet friends but I need to go to class First of market is extremely important but not always Leading edge of technology Some of the earliest companies with great technology fail Why Oh you know there are all cases Bowmar calculators Every heard of a Bowmar calculator It was the first electronic calculator And guess what Tl looked it and said quot Hell we can make that We39re so much bigger than Bowmar We39ll just crush 39emquot No they didn39t say that but they did get sued and TI crushed 39em Bowmar no longer exists Anybody remember Netscape It was the original music swapping Anyways Netscape lost a lawsuit Blockbuster was huge There was a store everywhere Now we have Red Box And of course everybody knows Streaming is here to stay Okay 315 sounds like a great place to quit Any questions Okay Class ended notes may not be verbatim Get full access to IE 5339 Notes You are subscribed to our 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  1. Can I talk to the model through Skype instead of the cam site? Model sites are designed in a way to get you to spend money with them, they provide a service that is in the best interest of the client and the model. What’s the difference between group chat and private chat?