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If someone says they like my earrings, I usually scoff and drone on about how they accentuate my large Dumbo-like ears. Things are progressing nicely in your relationship and you just met his mother. Emotional scenes tend to make the sardonic uncomfortable. You crack so many jokes that it's hard for your significant other to know when you aren't trying to be funny. I have a hard time accepting compliments, as do most sarcastic people. Being able to make your partner laugh is fun, it can bring you closer together and can get you through the rocky times. There’s nothing wrong with being sarcastic about yourself, your life, your surroundings, etc. However, once you point the sarcastic arrow at your partner, you need to be very careful before you let the jokes fly. He took a few gentle jabs at me on the car ride to dinner and it was funny (ish). The main thing with sarcasm is choosing your target.

Sarcasm is often referred to as the lowest form of humor, and it can be just that if you don’t know how to use it correctly.

If you recently exchanged digits with a new bae and want to text them for the first time, this text is perfect.

It reminds them of that awesome night you spent chatting about your fave band for hours, while giving him an easy way to keep the convo going.

Through years of dating and finally marrying someone who could put up with my wit and wisecracks, I learned that there are some rules sarcastic women must follow if they want to have a successful relationship that lasts more than five minutes and doesn't result in their date sobbing in a bathroom.1. If your new date is baring his soul to you concerning his father issues, don't yawn and give him Dr. The fact that he's comfortable enough to confide in you is probably a good thing. Dramatically pretending to crack your tooth on a nut and threatening him with your dental bills is just rude. Smile and politely nod instead of calling her Mommy Dearest and jamming a steak knife into her eye. You never want him to think he has your blessing to do body shots off some chick in a leather corset. Sarcastic ladies, your sense of humor isn't for wimps.

Know the fine line between sarcasm and being a bitch.

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For instance, too many guys treat a date as an interview, asking direct, boring questions that you would expect to see in a questionnaire at the DMV office.

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