Hedge hedgerowdating

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Hedge hedgerowdating

However, it is also possible that the medieval farmers utilized both the squarer "Roman" fields, and the older boundaries, merely dividing each small square field into strips, a pattern still visible within the area of Bunkers Park at the time of the Tithe Survey in 1840.(See map lower down.)By the time the Medieval Abbey of St.Using Dr Hooper's formula it was found that the hedgerow surveyed in 2008 was ca 510 years old.Codicote Primary School also took part and were featured in The Welwyn and Hatfield Times: Click here for some photos from the outings. The reseach results were interpreted and presented in several ways.The ancient nature of Chambersbury Lane being born out by the hedgerow study I undertook along Chambersbury Lane in September 1994.This was prior to the drastic cutting back of the hedge, which was deemed necessary in order to correctly manage the hedge as part of the park and to the benefit of wildlife.Archaeologists who studied the finds at Silverthorne Drive this summer (2001) believe there to have been a well established Iron Age settlement of some kind at the site, which was closed down by the Romans once they'd taken over and imposed Roman "order" on everything.

This included the use of the latest ICT and geographical information systems plus digitised maps from various periods in history.More traditional research included the practical investigation of the village and surrounding countryside, studying old documents and interviewing long-term village residents.In 20 Heather Bardner led several outings to date hedgerows in or surrounding Codicote.In the latter part of the twentieth century the land had been acquired by the Commission for New Towns ( now English Partnership) for the purpose of developing the New Town of Hemel Hempstead.However, fortunately for us all, and despite several attempts to have the area developed for housing, the expansion of Hemel Hempstead fortunately did not include this land, which has been shaped and exploited as agricultural land for at least 2000 years.

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A leaflet was circulated to all homes in the village to draw attention to the project, to encourage project suggestions and participation.

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