Hepatitis dating yahoo dating herpes

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Hepatitis dating

I was not so courageous, I endangered her life, I love her, i have caused her pain. I was so embarrassed and degraded I didn't seek further...

I lose the will to live each day, i want to exchange my life for hers but it's too late. after oneself has been painfully emphasised to me in a form of my Mum's liver cancer.

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You can read about Hepsara, a Hep B treatment here: rxwiki.com/hepsera So, it's been 5 years since I know and 30 years since I contracted the virus. I would appreciate and be open to converse with you if you do notice and dont... Since I had to go through chemo, I had to start treatment for the HBV right away to ensure no liver damage during the chemo process. It doesn't matter that I got infected during birth and...I miraculously managed to stay free from disease and other issues during my life until I checked myself into rehab for abuse of pain pill prescriptions. I will probably cry once I stop laughing at myself. Luckily I was able to pull through from the cancer and am now in remission. It's like a winter day, but as any day it's prefect and beautiful today. ..a month after writing '5 years later' I'd be falling in love... We emailed a lot and I told him nothing of the disease.where else to go I have no one to talk to apart from my dad but he's always telling me not to worry about it but I can't help but not to worry . I have learned to live without thinking about hep B. You go through ups and downs and when you think you can face pretty much everything and not be phased by it... But, as it often happens online, my anticipation of the first meeting grew each day. since birth and only found out about it when I was 11. Kiss and Tell: Having the ‘Hepatitis C Conversation’, Retrieved October 20, 2013, Glenn Abel, 2013. , Retrieved October 20, 2013, US Department of Veteran Affairs, 2013. Telling People You Have Hepatitis C, Retrieved October 20, 2013, US Department of Veteran Affairs, 2013.

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