Invalidating package

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Invalidating package

Just remember that someone caused the database to invalidate the object.

You can control this by controlling who changes objects in the database, or splitting the development into multiple schemas so that one section does not cause another's objects to become invalid.

So taking care of you and your car’s needs is what’s most important to us.

Since you are the owner of a Kia, you’re part of the family too.

And because we only ever use Genuine Kia parts, your Kia gets exactly what it needs to keep it running smoothly.

However, the configuration is made on the authoring environment and then transferred by activating the agent: After configuring, when you activate a page from author to publish, this agent initiates a standard replication.The HTTP request causes Dispatcher to delete specific files from the cache.Optionally, the Dispatcher then refreshes the cache with a new copy.Immediate recaching ensures that Dispatcher retrieves and caches the page only once, instead of once for each of the simultaneous client requests. Logger Factory; import org.apache.commons.httpclient.*; import org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods. Post Method; import org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods. Note: Deleting and recaching fies should be performed on the publish instance only.

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Deleting cached files ins this manner is appropraite for web sites that are not likely to receive simultaneous requests for the same page. This can be used to flush particular resources without invalidating other parts of the cache, like JSON data that is dynamically created and requires regular flushing independent of the cache (e.g.