Lilly allen tour dating

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Lilly allen tour dating

The singer, whose own No 1 hits include Smile, The Fear and Somewhere Only We Know, is the first star to reveal they turned down a chance to sing on the track – although Skyfall singer Adele surprised observers with her absence from Sir Bob Geldof’s latest recording of the hit, which is raising funds to fight ebola. She has used these interviews, in London and New York, to talk freely, frankly and exclusively on ‘anything you want’, including Band Aid, booze, celebrity scuffles, losing a baby, making money and loathing Nigel Farage.But right now she is itching to instigate a big bottom referendum.She emerged on the original social media site Myspace in 2005 – all ball gown and trainers, cute fringe and glottal stops – full of cheeky charisma and cocky confidence. She has simply developed a resilient media persona to protect her delicate sensibilities. I suggest she’s like a punk-rock Kate Middleton, and it takes her by surprise.She looks offended, confused, amused, and then, as often happens in these situations, she takes a puff on her cigarette and squints towards the horizon enigmatically, allowing herself time to think.In an outspoken interview in The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine today, the 29-year-old star says she would rather donate money to charity than sign up to what she brands the ‘success club’ of celebrities.‘I got an email asking me to do it,’ she says.‘It’s difficult to explain why I didn’t do it without sounding like a complete ****.With her 30th birthday coming up next May, Allen, outspoken provocateur, outlandish trendsetter and relentlessly controversial pop star – who has famously feuded with Cheryl Cole, Fearne Cotton and the Beckhams and settled other disputes with both fists and feet – has finally found a little peace.Allen’s professional life has been a stop-start success. One-hit wonder, lousy singer, mockney posho, unfit mother, ‘a feral woofy dog’, spoilt little rich girl, everything that is wrong with society today...

Poor, poor Midders,’ she says again, this time adding a tremulous Merchant Ivory accent for dramatic effect.Earlier this month, Allen appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show, in which she tearfully relived losing her first child, a son who was stillborn at six months in 2010. There is a resigned affection when she mentions the troubled Welsh hell-raiser, notorious more for his punchy booze binges and outlandish drug-fuelled behaviour than 35 years of decent acting – his early-Eighties work with The Comic Strip was redoubtable.Scroll back to September and Allen is New York, in reassuringly silly clothes.She needs a new work visa to begin her US tour in September.Allen told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I am trying everything I can to sort this out."It is my intention to play my American dates in September.

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Lily Allen is reported to have passed out on the grass in the VIP area at the Glastonbury Festival last weekend.