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Mary longman dating scammer

Not to mention, I have been using this card to take the train which gives me an effective rebate of 9%(online credit card rebate plus Imagine Amex ATU 2% rebate) Sadly, after using it for quite awhile now, the Amex imagine card will be discontinued from April 15th onward. Here are some of the crucial cards that are in my wallet now post Imagine Amex: As I have mentioned previously, I have been crediting my salary to BOC Smartsaver, but I have not been using their cards(You don't need to use their credit cards to get the full 3.55%), because I have been using their Great Wall debit card to pay my other credit card bills.With the new and revised BOC Family Card which gives 7% rebate to dinning and 5% rebate to Nets Flash Pay ATU, I will be using this card on April 17th onward and will most likely pay for their new ATU version.If you use the 3x DBS point to exchange for ntuc vouchers you will effectively get close to 6% rebate(Similar to the M1 prepaid/fevo online credit card top up method). ANZ Optimium I will continue to choose the 5% rebate for grocery category and use it to pay the excess after using the ntuc vouchers.It is a good way to maximize the vouchers as this card do not have min spending.It is important not only to get new customers, but also to keep existing ones loyal and happy.By building an email list, you can keep in touch with both current and potential customers, reminding them of the presence of your business, and hopefully to shop with you again!

Which means I still pay using either ANZ optimum or ntuc vouchers.I could use this to buy 0 dollars of ntuc vouchers every month to get 5% rebate 3x DBS points.Pay wave max one time spending is 0, so you can ask the staff to tap 7 times.They are free for life so its good to have them in your wallet. SCB Singpost visa credit card will be my main online card as it gives 7% rebate with 0 min spending cap at . Which means you can use this card to pay for your telecommunication bills directly online to get 7% rebate.I will go into more detail on how to get max rebates from paying utilities and other monthly miscellaneous payments in my future post.

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Two Important Things To Consider In Building Mailing Lists 1.