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Even if this is true you’ll come across as arrogant and will put her off. In this case you’re ‘indirectly’ showing how you take care of your loved ones financially.She’ll pick up on it and will more likely feel like you’ll take care of her in your Korean marriage.For example you can talk about how you miss your mother and call her regularly and plan on taking care of her in her old age.If you’re going to talk about how you’ll never abandon her I recommend talking about specific situations.For example If your date sneezes or coughs you can joke that she’s sick.Then you can tell her not to worry because you’ll nurse her back into health.She’ll do this even if she wants you to take her there and then.

This is because a married Korean woman strongly depends on her husband for More so than a Western woman would.In any case I recommend making sure that money is never a problem during the date. She has her reasons for wanting to help out financially as well.If you do have the money then you can also do nice things for her like Through these actions she’ll feel like she can depend on you which would make you a great candidate for a Korean marriage.Some Korean women do this deliberately to test how serious you are.My take is that if you really like her then play her little game and keep trying to meet her.

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Actions You can pay for everything you do together.