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Because imo what we know of our own children is often not the full picture at all and other parents may know more when it comes to their misbehaviours.

And this isn't because we aren't watching them but because they have perfected a way of acting with their parents which can be quite diffrent to how they act away from their parents.

My shockability was shaken, they don't prepare you in antenatal class.

I think your crossed the line so I'm not surprised you and your sister fell out. Im saddens me that so many so easily shrug it off or the attitude of sure they are gonna do it anyway.

Whatever happened to falling in love, waiting a bit longer going a bit further, going all the way.

All that paradoxical blend of arousal and innocence leading to experience and pleasure over time.

I am aware that none of us knows what lies ahead with our children and we can only do our best but I would be very shocked if one of my girls was doing oral sex in public especially with a boy she was not in committed relationship with.

I am not blaming anyone but I am upset at the thought of girls or women doing this.

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I don't think it is empowering, loving or pleasurable for the girls involved.

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