Siwon and tiffany dating

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In 2009, Heechul became depressive due to the lawsuit between SM Entertainment and Han Geng, leading to Han's departure from the company and the group, who Heechul considered his best friend.He didn't participate in any of the stage shows, including the end-of-year award shows For 3 months.On 26 January 2012, he hosted the radio program every Friday at the office of District Seong Dong, where he was serving his 2-year mandatory military service.His first episode was broadcast on January 20 and had received 5,600 hits.

They released their debut single, "Close Ur Mouth", in June.Heechul wrote the lyrics and directed the music video for the song, while Jungmo produced and performed the instrumental.Their first live performance was at Mnet’s summer awards ceremony 20’s Choice on July 7.During live performances of the song on Music Bank and Show!Music Core, his part was performed by bandmates Yesung, Eunhyuk and Shindong.

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