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At the entrance to Newcastle’s Hunter River (originally named Coal River) was a small, but prominently tall, island. It was sighted by Captain Cook on May 10th 1770 as a ‘small clump of an island’ and became known as Nobbys.Sir Thomas Mitchell in 1828 recorded its Aboriginal name as ‘Whibayganba’.The meeting was raised by Loughnane in a radio interview to substantiate charges of improper procedure in the case but Burke and Nealon have denied the meeting ever took place.

“There was a great commitment shown by the people in putting this monument here on the mountainside – there was no track here then and they brought up the stones on donkeys, stone by stone, but it was very barren and the commemoration didn’t continue.

This refusal was because the Council would not allow Ger Loughnane to be a part of the delegation.

Neither would the Clare officers inform the Council of the reasons for Lynch's absence, even though the waiting media had been told by Loughnane before the meeting began.

On one side of Nobbys lay rocky shoals and its height could take away the prevailing winds from their sails, causing them to lose steerage and flounder.

With the development of a prison colony at Newcastle in 18 and the frequent passage of sailing ships between Sydney and the Hunter River, the problems, which Nobbys caused to shipping, persisted, with many vessels wrecked on the rocky shoals surrounding the island.

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