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Sudanese community dating friends

Early on this diminished their interest in education, caused withdrawal and created concentration problems in class for some of them.Finnish kindergartens and schools were not familiar with working with young Sudanese, although there was some experience of working with illiterate or poorly educated children from elsewhere.For Finnish children doing a jigsaw puzzle is familiar from an early age, whereas doing a jigsaw puzzle can be impossible for a young person who has never done one in his/her childhood.There was evidence that some Sudanese youth suffered from diminishing self-esteem when they noticed that younger Finnish children were way ahead in skills and knowledge.Even for those southern Sudanese youth who had not experienced the civil war personally, the conflict was part of their life through the experiences of their parents, relatives and friends.

Adults held doctors, lawyers and engineers in very high respect but their ambitions for their children to become equally highly educated proved in many cases unrealistic.The course was not designed particularly for young Sudanese but did give the youth, parents and relatives of young people a chance to discuss issues related to young people in Finland.These issues included, for example, dating the opposite sex, young people living on their own and Finnish-Sudanese cultural differences in adult-child relationships.Some young people had lived in Khartoum but many had lived outside Sudan – for example, in Egypt – for much of their life.Only a few had personal experience of living in South Sudan and being involved in the civil war but at least one had been a child slave in Sudan.

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And one girl explained that after arriving in a small country town surrounded by forest, she had not slept at all for the first two nights as she was afraid bears would break into the house.