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UPDATE 11/14/17 a.m.: Ed Sheeran has denied that Taylor Swift's new song "Dress" is about him. You know, because she mentions someone with a buzzcut hair cut, and I've never had a buzz cut hair cut."--Taylor Swift just dropped her latest album and fans are already scouring the song lyrics to find references to the 27-year-old's life.

When asked about the fan speculation surrounding the lyrics during an Augustman livestream, Ed said, "I don't think it is. Of course, we already knew that Taylor loves a good ol' callback.

Seriously, this is a whole new side of Ed that fans have never seen before. Cherry, who is not a public figure – she plays field hockey and is a financial consultant in London – has stolen his heart for many different reasons. Not only did Ed reveal in the interview just how great Cherry is with his celebrity life, but how she will be in his life when no one the world cares about him anymore.

We don't know how you feel about it, but the editors over here at , Ed alluded to the fact that while he was on tour with Taylor, life was pretty surreal. Ed said, "She's the nicest girl you'll ever meet, but on the field she's a f--king animal...

There's plenty more that fans are reading into now that all the tracks for are out, and there's one particular theory that's raising some eyebrows: some people think that Taylor's song "Dress" might be about longtime friend Ed Sheeran.

We already knew that "Dress" would show off more of Taylor's sexual side, with reports that her parents had to leave the room when she performed it during a secret listening session with select fans.

Some of the lyrics include, "Only bought this dress so you could take it off." But now that it's out for the whole world to listen to, , Taylor croons in the song, "Our secret moments in a crowded room / They got no idea about me and you / There is an indentation in the shape of you/ Made your mark on me, a golden tattoo." Of course, the "Shape of You" line seems to be the most obvious tie to Ed.

A post shared by Abigail (Anderson) Lucier (@abigail_lauren) on Swift’s annual summer bashes have fueled headlines the past few years, with squad members from Karlie Kloss and Blake Lively to Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne descending on her estate for the holiday weekend. “Her and Taylor have hung out without me quite a few times; I think they have gal chats,” he says.

“It’s just a load of like-minded people that you would never expect to see in the same place, together,” Sheeran says of the parties. “I don’t know what they get up to, talking about cats or whatever.” Sheeran’s new album ÷ is out now; he’ll kick off his North American tour on June 29.

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Taylor sings, "Even in my worst times, you could see the best of me / Flashback to my mistakes / My rebounds, my earthquakes / Even in my worst light, you saw the truth in me." The duo have been close friends for a while now, so much so that Taylor wrote Ed's essay when he was honored in magazine's 100 Most Influential People list.

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