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Upon Ramanujan’s arrival, Hardy was again astonished upon gaining full access to Ramanujan’s notebooks.While both were accomplished mathematicians, the two had very different working methods.While Hardy’s methods focused heavily on logic and proofs, Ramanujan relied mainly on intuition and spontaneity.Ramanujan’s method of thought was very heavily spiritually influenced, believing that fully formed theorems were given to him divinely.Ranganatha Rao prize and received a scholarship to study at a nearby college.Unfortunately, college life did not suit Ramanujan.Ramanujan initially refused, with his travel being in conflict with his Brahmin beliefs and against his parents’ wishes, however by the end of the year, he resolved to go in the pursuit of enlightenment and with his parents’ wishes, travelled to England in March 1914.Ramanujan arrived in April in 1914 and immediately began mathematical research with Hardy.

While initially thought to be fraudulent again, Hardy was soon won over and requested Ramanujan travel to England in order to continue research.

Unfortunately, England itself was not so accommodating.

The weather and lack of a sustainable vegetarian diet due to World War One rationing had a startling impact on the Indian’s health.

While not a particular moment of realised genius, with the man making great strides in number theory, infinite series and continued fractions despite no formal training, it is an excellent example of the lifelong genius of Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Ramanujan was born on the 22nd of December 1887 in Erode, Madras Presidency to K. At the age of two, Ramanujan contracted smallpox, beginning an infinite series of illnesses that were to plague him for his entire life.

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